Wiki Tests

The WikiTests online app allows you to create tests from Wikipedia articles as an aid to learning English Vocabulary and Grammar. A test can be created in 3 different ways by:

A test is generated when you press the submit button.

A Wiki Test is constructed from a random section taken from an article related to the title selected or search term entered. The chosen section is turned into two types of test. In the first test a number of words, usually about 10, have had their letters scrambled and your task is to unscramble them. For the second test, the same words selected in the first test have been replaced by underscores creating an open cloze test. Your task is to fill in the missing words.

In addition to the two types of test generated, a list of important words contained in the article is also displayed followed by a table of word collocations. If found, ngrams of length 2,3 and 4 are displayed.