TED Recommendations

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A Tribe Called Red: "We Are the Halluci Nation" - test

A.J. Jacobs: How healthy living nearly killed me - test

A.J. Jacobs: My journey to thank all the people responsible for my morning coffee - test

A.J. Jacobs: My year of living biblically - test

A.J. Jacobs: The evolution of the coffee cup lid - test

A.J. Jacobs: The life cycle of a cup of coffee - test

A.J. Jacobs: The world's largest family reunion ... we're all invited! - test

Aala El-Khani: What it's like to be a parent in a war zone - test

Aarathi Krishnan: 5 ethical principles for digitizing humanitarian aid - test

Aaron Bastani: A socialist perspective on the pursuit of happiness - test

Aaron Bastani: The case for free, universal basic services - test

Aaron Duffy, Lake Buckley and Jack Foster: "Illusions for a better society" - test

Aaron Huey: America's native prisoners of war - test

Aaron Koblin: Visualizing ourselves ... with crowd-sourced data - test

Aaron Morris: How your body could become its own diagnostic lab - test

Aaron O'Connell: Making sense of a visible quantum object - test

Aaron Reedy: Sex determination More complicated than you thought - test

Aaron Sams: How to speed up chemical reactions (and get a date) - test

Aaswath Raman: How we can turn the cold of outer space into a renewable resource - test

Aatish Bhatia: The physics of human sperm vs. the physics of the sperm whale - test

Abdallah Ewis: The forgotten queen of Egypt - test

Abe Davis: New video technology that reveals an object's hidden properties - test

Abha Dawesar: Life in the "digital now" - test

Abhishek Gopalka: How motivation can fix public systems - test

Abigail Disney: Dignity isn't a privilege. It's a worker's right - test

Abigail Marsh: Why some people are more altruistic than others - test

Abigail Spanberger: How to connect with people who are different than you - test

Abigail Washburn: Building US-China relations ... by banjo - test

Abraham Verghese: A doctor's touch - test

Achenyo Idachaba: How I turned a deadly plant into a thriving business - test

Achim Steiner: Humanity's planet-shaping powers -- and what they mean for the future - test

Adam Alter: Why our screens make us less happy - test

Adam Carroll: What playing Monopoly with real money taught me about my kids--and humanity - test

Adam Clulow: How one of the most profitable companies in history rose to power - test

Adam Davidson: What we learned from teetering on the fiscal cliff - test

Adam Driver: My journey from Marine to actor - test

Adam Galinsky: How to speak up for yourself - test

Adam Garone: Healthier men, one moustache at a time - test

Adam Garske: How designing brand-new enzymes could change the world - test

Adam Grant: Are you a giver or a taker? - test

Adam Grant: How to stop languishing and start finding flow - test

Adam Grant: The surprising habits of original thinkers - test

Adam Grant: What frogs in hot water can teach us about thinking again - test

Adam Grosser: A mobile fridge for vaccines - test

Adam Kucharski: How can we control the coronavirus pandemic? - test

Adam Mosseri: A creator-led internet, built on blockchain - test

Adam Ostrow: After your final status update - test

Adam Sadowsky: How to engineer a viral music video - test

Adam Savage: How simple ideas lead to scientific discoveries - test

Adam Savage: My love letter to cosplay - test

Adam Savage: My obsession with objects and the stories they tell - test

Adam Spencer: Why I fell in love with monster prime numbers - test

Adam de la Zerda: We can start winning the war against cancer - test

Adar Cohen: 3 ways to lead tough, unavoidable conversations - test

Addison Anderson: The most groundbreaking scientist you've never heard of - test

Adeola Fayehun: Africa is a sleeping giant -- I'm trying to wake it up - test

Adetayo Bamiduro: Africa's path to clean mobility -- driven by motorcycles - test

Adie Delaney: An aerialist on listening to your body's signals - test

Aditi Gupta: A taboo-free way to talk about periods - test

Aditi Shankardass: A second opinion on developmental disorders - test

Adjany Costa: Lasting conservation, led by Indigenous heritage - test

Adong Judith: How I use art to bridge misunderstanding - test

Adora Svitak: What adults can learn from kids - test

Adrian K. Haugabrook: 3 ways to lower the barriers to higher education - test

Adrienne Mayor: Did the Amazons really exist? - test

Adrienne Mayor: The Greek myth of Talos, the first robot - test

Adrián Paenza: How folding paper can get you to the moon - test

Afra Raymond: Three myths about corruption - test

Afrika Afeni Mills: 4 ways to have healthy conversations about race - test

Agnes Binagwaho: How women are revolutionizing Rwanda - test

Agnes Larsson: The awesome potential of many metaverses - test

Ahmad M. Hasnah: Rethinking education and celebrating the Arabic language - test

Ahn Trio: A modern take on piano, violin, cello - test

Aicha Evans: Your self-driving robotaxi is almost here - test

Aicha el-Wafi + Phyllis Rodriguez: The mothers who found forgiveness, friendship - test

Ai-jen Poo: The work that makes all other work possible - test

Aimee Mullins: Changing my legs - and my mindset - test

Aimee Mullins: My 12 pairs of legs - test

Aimee Mullins: The opportunity of adversity - test

Aimée Eubanks Davis: How your unique story can get you hired - test

Aja Monet and phillip agnew: A love story about the power of art as organizing - test

Ajay Banga: Financial inclusion, the digital divide and other thoughts on the future of money - test

Ajit Narayanan: A word game to communicate in any language - test

Akash Manoj: A life-saving device that detects silent heart attacks - test

Akshita Agarwal: The paradox of value - test

Al Gore, Gloria Kasang Bulus, Nana Firman, Ximena Loría and Tim Guinee: Climate change is our reality. Here's how we're taking action - test

Al Gore: Averting the climate crisis - test

Al Gore: How to make radical climate action the new normal - test

Al Gore: New thinking on the climate crisis - test

Al Gore: The case for optimism on climate change - test

Al Gore: The new urgency of climate change - test

Al Gore: This is the moment to take on the climate crisis - test

Al Gore: What comes after An Inconvenient Truth? - test

Al Gore: What the fossil fuel industry doesn't want you to know - test

Al Roker: An extreme weather report from America's weatherman - test

Al Seckel: Visual illusions that show how we (mis)think - test

Al Vernacchio: Sex needs a new metaphor. Here's one ... - test

Alaa Murabit: What my religion really says about women - test

Alain de Botton: A kinder, gentler philosophy of success - test

Alain de Botton: Atheism 2.0 - test

Alan Crickmore: How storytelling helps parents in prison stay connected to their kids - test

Alan Eustace: I leapt from the stratosphere. Here's how I did it - test

Alan Jamieson: Meet the mysterious "monsters" of the deep sea - test

Alan Kay: A powerful idea about ideas - test

Alan Lupack: Is there any truth to the King Arthur legends? - test

Alan Russell: The potential of regenerative medicine - test

Alan Siegel: Let's simplify legal jargon! - test

Alan Smith: Why you should love statistics - test

Alanna Shaikh: How I'm preparing to get Alzheimer's - test

Alanna Shaikh: Why COVID-19 is hitting us now -- and how to prepare for the next outbreak - test

Alasdair Harris: How a handful of fishing villages sparked a marine conservation revolution - test

Alastair Gray: How fake handbags fund terrorism and organized crime - test

Alastair Parvin: Architecture for the people by the people - test

Alayna Vaughan: Why do some people snore so loudly? - test

Albert Fox Cahn: The shift we need to stop mass surveillance - test

Albert Zink: A 5,300-year-old murder mystery - test

Albert-László Barabási: The real relationship between your age and your chance of success - test

Alberto Cairo: There are no scraps of men - test

Alec Soth and Stacey Baker: This is what enduring love looks like - test

Alejandro Aravena: My architectural philosophy? Bring the community into the process - test

Alejandro Chaskielberg: Cómo usar el arte de la fotografía para restaurar la memoria - test

Alejandro Durán: How I use art to tackle plastic pollution in our oceans - test

Alejandro Sánchez Alvarado: To solve old problems, study new species - test

Aleph Molinari: Let's bridge the digital divide! - test

Alessandra Orofino: It’s our city. Let’s fix it - test

Alessandro Acquisti: What will a future without secrets look like? - test

Alex Apella: Huellas de la discriminación - test

Alex Edmans: What to trust in a "post-truth" world - test

Alex Gendler: A brief history of chess - test

Alex Gendler: A day in the life of a Cossack warrior - test

Alex Gendler: Blood, concrete, and dynamite Building the Hoover Dam - test

Alex Gendler: Building the impossible Golden Gate Bridge - test

Alex Gendler: Building the world's largest (and most controversial) power plant - test

Alex Gendler: Can you outsmart this logical fallacy? - test

Alex Gendler: Can you solve the Alice in Wonderland riddle? - test

Alex Gendler: Can you solve the bridge riddle? - test

Alex Gendler: Can you solve the death race riddle? - test

Alex Gendler: Can you solve the dragon jousting riddle? - test

Alex Gendler: Can you solve the famously difficult green-eyed logic puzzle? - test

Alex Gendler: Can you solve the giant iron riddle? - test

Alex Gendler: Can you solve the monster duel riddle? - test

Alex Gendler: Can you solve the multiplying rabbits riddle? - test

Alex Gendler: Can you solve the pirate riddle? - test

Alex Gendler: Can you solve the prisoner hat riddle? - test

Alex Gendler: Can you solve the rebel supplies riddle? - test

Alex Gendler: Can you solve the secret sauce riddle? - test

Alex Gendler: Can you solve the three gods riddle? - test

Alex Gendler: Demolition, disease, and death Building the Panama Canal - test

Alex Gendler: Epic Engineering Building the Brooklyn Bridge - test

Alex Gendler: Everything changed when the fire crystal got stolen - test

Alex Gendler: History vs. Christopher Columbus - test

Alex Gendler: History vs. Napoleon Bonaparte - test

Alex Gendler: How do ventilators work? - test

Alex Gendler: How does impeachment work? - test

Alex Gendler: How one design flaw almost toppled a skyscraper - test

Alex Gendler: How the world's longest underwater tunnel was built - test

Alex Gendler: How the world's tallest skyscraper was built - test

Alex Gendler: How tsunamis work - test

Alex Gendler: Myths and misconceptions about evolution - test

Alex Gendler: The Egyptian myth of Isis and the seven scorpions - test

Alex Gendler: The Egyptian myth of the death of Osiris - test

Alex Gendler: The myth of Hercules - test

Alex Gendler: The myth of Loki and the master builder - test

Alex Gendler: The myth of Sisyphus - test

Alex Gendler: The original ring of power - test

Alex Gendler: The wars that inspired Game of Thrones - test

Alex Gendler: The woman who stared at the sun - test

Alex Gendler: What is a gift economy? - test

Alex Gendler: Which voting system is the best? - test

Alex Gendler: Why are airplanes slower than they used to be? - test

Alex Gendler: Why do we cry? The three types of tears - test

Alex Gendler: Why doesn't the Leaning Tower of Pisa fall over? - test

Alex Gendler: Why elephants never forget - test

Alex Gendler: Why should you read "Crime and Punishment"? - test

Alex Gendler: Why should you read "The Master and Margarita"? - test

Alex Honnold: How I climbed a 3,000-foot vertical cliff -- without ropes - test

Alex Kipman: A futuristic vision of the age of holograms - test

Alex Koster: What will the dream car of the future be like? - test

Alex Laskey: How behavioral science can lower your energy bill - test

Alex Rosenthal and George Zaidan: The case of the missing fractals - test

Alex Rosenthal and Pall Thordarson: Which is better Soap or hand sanitizer? - test

Alex Rosenthal: Can you solve the human cannonball riddle? - test

Alex Rosenthal: Can you solve the rogue submarine riddle? Difficulty level Master - test

Alex Rosenthal: The Artists | Think Like A Coder, Ep 5 - test

Alex Rosenthal: The Chasm | Think Like A Coder, Ep 6 - test

Alex Rosenthal: The Factory | Think Like A Coder, Ep 9 - test

Alex Rosenthal: The Furnace Bots | Think Like A Coder, Ep 3 - test

Alex Rosenthal: The Gauntlet | Think Like A Coder, Ep 8 - test

Alex Rosenthal: The Prison Break | Think Like A Coder, Ep 1 - test

Alex Rosenthal: The Resistance | Think Like A Coder, Ep 2 - test

Alex Rosenthal: The Tower of Epiphany | Think Like A Coder, Ep 7 - test

Alex Rosenthal: The Train Heist | Think Like A Coder, Ep 4 - test

Alex Rosenthal: The World Machine | Think Like A Coder, Ep 10 - test

Alex Rosenthal: The joyful, perplexing world of puzzle hunts - test

Alex Rosenthal: The world's largest organism - test

Alex Rosenthal: When is a pandemic over? - test

Alex Smith: An NFL quarterback on overcoming setbacks and self-doubt - test

Alex Steffen: The route to a sustainable future - test

Alex Steffen: The shareable future of cities - test

Alex Tabarrok: How ideas trump crises - test

Alex Wissner-Gross: A new equation for intelligence - test

Alex Worsnip: Ethical dilemma Who should you believe? - test

Alexa Meade: Your body is my canvas - test

Alexander Belcredi: How a long-forgotten virus could help us solve the antibiotics crisis - test

Alexander Betts: Our refugee system is failing. Here's how we can fix it - test

Alexander Betts: Why Brexit happened -- and what to do next - test

Alexander Leitner: Can time be wasted? - test

Alexander MacDonald: How centuries of sci-fi sparked spaceflight - test

Alexander Tsiaras: Conception to birth -- visualized - test

Alexander Wagner: What really motivates people to be honest in business - test

Alexandr Wang: War, AI and the new global arms race - test

Alexandra Auer: The intangible effects of walls - test

Alexandra Horowitz: How do dogs "see" with their noses? - test

Alexandra Horowitz: Why all dogs are good dogs - test

Alexandra Minna Stern and Natalie Lira: The movement that inspired the Holocaust - test

Alexandra Sacks: A new way to think about the transition to motherhood - test

Alexandria Holder: The duality of labels – and how to use them for good - test

Alexandros Charalambides: Why aren't we only using solar power? - test

Alexis Charpentier: How record collectors find lost music and preserve our cultural heritage - test

Alexis Jones: Redefining manhood—one locker room talk at a time - test

Alexis Nikole Nelson: A flavorful field guide to foraging - test

Alexis Ohanian: How to make a splash in social media - test

Ali Carr-Chellman: Gaming to re-engage boys in learning - test

Ali Hajimiri: How wireless energy from space could power everything - test

Ali Kashani: A friendly, autonomous robot that delivers your food - test

Ali Noorani: The humans at the center of the US immigration debate - test

Alice Bows-Larkin: Climate change is happening. Here's how we adapt - test

Alice Dreger: Is anatomy destiny? - test

Alice Goffman: How we're priming some kids for college — and others for prison - test

Alice Pailhès: Secrets of the mind and free will -- revealed by magic tricks - test

Alice Rawsthorn: Pirates, nurses and other rebel designers - test

Alicia Chong Rodriguez: A smart bra for better heart health - test

Alicia Eggert: Imaginative sculptures that explore how we perceive reality - test

Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors and Opal Tometi: An interview with the founders of Black Lives Matter - test

Alisa Kazarina: Humanity at the intersection of science and archaeology - test

Alisa Miller: How the news distorts our worldview - test

Alison Gopnik: What do babies think? - test

Alison Jackson: An unusual glimpse at celebrity - test

Alison Killing: How data-driven journalism illuminates patterns of injustice - test

Alison Killing: There’s a better way to die, and architecture can help - test

Alison Killing: What happens when a city runs out of room for its dead - test

Alison Ledgerwood: A simple trick to improve positive thinking - test

Alix Generous: How I learned to communicate my inner life with Asperger's - test

Allan Adams: The discovery that could rewrite physics - test

Allan Adams: What the discovery of gravitational waves means - test

Allan Jones: A map of the brain - test

Allan Savory: How to fight desertification and reverse climate change - test

Allison Hunt: How to get (a new) hip - test

Allison Leigh: Artemisia Gentileschi The woman behind the paintings - test

Allison Leigh: Why is this black square famous? - test

Allison Ramsey and Mary Staicu: The accident that changed the world - test

Allyson Felix: An Olympic champion's mindset for overcoming fear - test

Almudena Toral: Documentary films that explore trauma -- and make space for healing - test

Alok Sharma: Why COP26 is our best chance for a greener future - test

Alona Fyshe: Does AI actually understand us? - test

Alua Arthur: Why thinking about death helps you live a better life - test

Alvin Irby: How to inspire every child to be a lifelong reader - test

Alwar Balasubramaniam: Art of substance and absence - test

Alysa McCall: What to do when there's a polar bear in your backyard - test

Alyson McGregor: Why medicine often has dangerous side effects for women - test

Alyssa Loorya: What I learned from digging under New York City's streets - test

Alyssa Monks: How loss helped one artist find beauty in imperfection - test

Alyssa-Amor Gibbons: How to design climate-resilient buildings - test

Amanda Bennett: We need a heroic narrative for death - test

Amanda Burden: How public spaces make cities work - test

Amanda Gorman: Using your voice is a political choice - test

Amanda Little: Climate change is becoming a problem you can taste - test

Amanda Mattes: Kabuki The people's dramatic art - test

Amanda Palmer, Jherek Bischoff, Usman Riaz: "Space Oddity" - test

Amanda Palmer: The art of asking - test

Amanda Renteria: A bold plan to transform access to the US social safety net - test

Amanda Schochet: How bumble bees inspired a network of tiny museums - test

Amanda Williams: Why I turned Chicago's abandoned homes into art - test

Amane Dannouni: How online marketplaces can help local economies, not hurt them - test

Amar Inamdar: The thrilling potential for off-grid solar energy - test

Amber Case: We are all cyborgs now - test

Amber Hikes: Want to truly succeed? Lift others up while you climb - test

Amber M. Yates: How this disease changes the shape of your cells - test

Amber McReynolds: An election system that puts voters (not politicians) first - test

Amber Stuver: Einstein's twin paradox explained - test

Ameenah Gurib-Fakim and Stephanie Busari: An interview with Mauritius's first female president - test

Ameenah Gurib-Fakim: Humble plants that hide surprising secrets - test

Ameera Harouda: Why I put myself in danger to tell the stories of Gaza - test

Amel Karboul: The global learning crisis -- and what to do about it - test

America Ferrera: My identity is a superpower -- not an obstacle - test

Ameya Gondhalekar: Why are cockroaches so hard to kill? - test

Ami Angelowicz: The terrors of sleep paralysis - test

Ami Klin: A new way to diagnose autism - test

Amina J. Mohammed: A new perspective on the journey to net-zero - test

Amir Nizar Zuabi: Walk with Little Amal, a theatrical journey celebrating the refugee experience - test

Amishi Jha: How to tame your wandering mind - test

Amit Kalra: 3 creative ways to fix fashion's waste problem - test

Amit Sood: Building a museum of museums on the web - test

Amit Sood: Every piece of art you've ever wanted to see -- up close and searchable - test

Amma Y. Ghartey-Tagoe Kootin: A historical musical that examines black identity in the 1901 World's Fair - test

Amory Lovins: A 40-year plan for energy - test

Amory Lovins: Winning the oil endgame - test

Amos Winter: The cheap all-terrain wheelchair - test

Amy Adele Hasinoff: How to practice safe sexting - test

Amy Adkins: 3 tips to boost your confidence - test

Amy Adkins: The myth of Icarus and Daedalus - test

Amy Adkins: Who am I? A philosophical inquiry - test

Amy Adkins: Why do we dream? - test

Amy Baxter: How to hack your brain when you're in pain - test

Amy C. Edmondson: How to lead in a crisis - test

Amy Cuddy: Your body language may shape who you are - test

Amy Edmondson: How to turn a group of strangers into a team - test

Amy Green: A video game to cope with grief - test

Amy Herman: A lesson on looking - test

Amy Hrdina and Jesse Kroll: What's in the air you breathe? - test

Amy Lockwood: Selling condoms in the Congo - test

Amy Milton: Can we edit memories? - test

Amy Nicole Baker: 7 common questions about workplace romance - test

Amy Padnani: How we're honoring people overlooked by history - test

Amy Purdy: Living beyond limits - test

Amy Smith: Simple designs to save a life - test

Amy Tan: Where does creativity hide? - test

Amy Webb: How I hacked online dating - test

Anab Jain: Why we need to imagine different futures - test

Anand Agarawala: Rethink the desktop with BumpTop - test

Anand Giridharadas: A letter to all who have lost in this era - test

Anand Giridharadas: A tale of two Americas. And the mini-mart where they collided - test

Anand Varma: The first 21 days of a bee's life - test

Ananda Shankar Jayant: Fighting cancer with dance - test

Anant Agarwal: Why massive open online courses (still) matter - test

Ananya Grover: A campaign for period positivity - test

Anas Aremeyaw Anas: How I named, shamed and jailed - test

Anastasia Penright: 5 steps to remove yourself from drama at work - test

Anastasia Taylor-Lind: Fighters and mourners of the Ukrainian revolution - test

Anders Fjellberg: Two nameless bodies washed up on the beach. Here are their stories - test

Anders Ynnerman: Visualizing the medical data explosion - test

Andras Forgacs: Leather and meat without killing animals - test

Andrea Berchowitz: The link between menopause and gender inequity at work - test

Andrea Driessen: The profound power of gratitude and "living eulogies" - test

Andrea Ghez: The hunt for a supermassive black hole - test

Andrea Gibson: "The Nutritionist" - test

Andrea M. Henle: How CRISPR lets you edit DNA - test

Andreas Ekström: The moral bias behind your search results - test

Andreas Raptopoulos: No roads? There's a drone for that - test

Andreas Schleicher: Use data to build better schools - test

Andreea S. Calude: Does grammar matter? - test

Andres Lozano: Parkinson's, depression and the switch that might turn them off - test

Andrew Bastawrous: A new way to fund health care for the most vulnerable - test

Andrew Bastawrous: Get your next eye exam on a smartphone - test

Andrew Bird: A one-man orchestra of the imagination - test

Andrew Blum: Discover the physical side of the internet - test

Andrew Connolly: What's the next window into our universe? - test

Andrew Dent: To eliminate waste, we need to rediscover thrift - test

Andrew Fitzgerald: Adventures in Twitter fiction - test

Andrew Forrest: A radical plan to end plastic waste - test

Andrew Leland: Blindness isn't a tragic binary -- it's a rich spectrum - test

Andrew Lovering: How high altitude affects your body - test

Andrew Marantz: Inside the bizarre world of internet trolls and propagandists - test

Andrew McAfee: Are droids taking our jobs? - test

Andrew McAfee: What will future jobs look like? - test

Andrew McDonald: The rise and fall of the Kingdom of Man - test

Andrew Mwenda: Aid for Africa? No thanks. - test

Andrew Ng: How AI could empower any business - test

Andrew Peek: How your personal narrative limits your future - test

Andrew Pelling: Could we treat spinal cord injuries with asparagus? - test

Andrew Pelling: This scientist makes ears out of apples - test

Andrew Pontzen and Tom Whyntie: The fundamentals of space-time Part 2 - test

Andrew Smith: Why do we eat popcorn at the movies? - test

Andrew Solomon: Depression, the secret we share - test

Andrew Solomon: How the worst moments in our lives make us who we are - test

Andrew Solomon: Love, no matter what - test

Andrew Stanton: The clues to a great story - test

Andrew Vanden Heuvel: The moon illusion - test

Andrew Whitworth: If you're scared of snakes, watch this - test

Andrew Youn: 3 reasons why we can win the fight against poverty - test

Andrew Youn: The seeds of change helping African farmers grow out of poverty - test

Andrew Zimmerman Jones: Does time exist? - test

Andrey Vyshedskiy: The neuroscience of imagination - test

Andri Snær Magnason: On time and water - test

Andrés Ruzo: The boiling river of the Amazon - test

Andy Dunn: Lessons from losing my mind - test

Andy Hobsbawm: Do the green thing - test

Andy Puddicombe: All it takes is 10 mindful minutes - test

Andy Yen: Think your email's private? Think again - test

Anees Bahji: Can steroids save your life? - test

Anees Bahji: How do steroids affect your muscles— and the rest of your body? - test

Anees Bahji: Is marijuana bad for your brain? - test

Anees Bahji: What is schizophrenia? - test

Anees Bahji: Why are eating disorders so hard to treat? - test

Angel Chang: The wildly complex anatomy of a sneaker - test

Angel Hsu: Cities are driving climate change. Here's how they can fix it - test

Angel Hsu: How China is (and isn't) fighting pollution and climate change - test

Angela Belcher: Using nature to grow batteries - test

Angela Francis: How to get everyone to care about a green economy - test

Angela Garbes: What working parents really need from workplaces - test

Angela Koine Flynn: The science of skin color - test

Angela Lee Duckworth: Grit The power of passion and perseverance - test

Angela Mahecha Adrar: The people who caused the climate crisis aren't the ones who will fix it - test

Angela Patton: A father-daughter dance ... in prison - test

Angela Wang: How China is changing the future of shopping - test

Angelicque White: What ocean microbes reveal about the changing climate - test

Angeline Murimirwa: School is just the start. Here's how to help girls succeed for life - test

Angelo Vermeulen: How to go to space, without having to go to space - test

Angie Murimirwa: How repaying loans with social service transforms communities - test

Angus Hervey: Why are we so bad at reporting good news? - test

Angélica Dass: The beauty of human skin in every color - test

Angélique Kidjo and Femi Oke: Why joy is a state of mind - test

Angélique Parisot-Potter: How to be an upstander instead of a bystander - test

Ani Liu: Smelfies, and other experiments in synthetic biology - test

Anicka Yi: Intelligent floating machines inspired by nature - test

Anika Goss: Detroit's climate crisis -- and how to build a resilient future everywhere - test

Anika Hazra: A simple way to tell insects apart - test

Anika Paulson: How I found myself through music - test

Anil Ananthaswamy: What it takes to do extreme astrophysics - test

Anil Ananthaswamy: Where does your sense of self come from? A scientific look - test

Anil Gupta: India's hidden hotbeds of invention - test

Anil Seth: How your brain invents your "self" - test

Anil Seth: Your brain hallucinates your conscious reality - test

Anindya Kundu: The boost students need to overcome obstacles - test

Anindya Kundu: The "opportunity gap" in US public education -- and how to close it - test

Anirudh Sharma: Ink made of air pollution - test

Anita Collins: How playing an instrument benefits your brain - test

Anita Collins: The benefits of music education - test

Anjali Kumar: My failed mission to find God -- and what I found instead - test

Anjali Sud and Stephanie Mehta: How great leaders take on uncertainty - test

Anjali Tripathi: Why Earth may someday look like Mars - test

Anjan Chatterjee: How your brain decides what is beautiful - test

Anjan Sundaram: Why I risked my life to expose a government massacre - test

Ann Cooper: What's wrong with school lunches - test

Ann Curry: How to restore trust in Journalism - test

Ann Morgan: My year reading a book from every country in the world - test

Ann-Helén Bay: Why is it so hard to escape poverty? - test

AnnMarie Thomas: Hands-on science with squishy circuits - test

Anna Babel: Who counts as a speaker of a language? - test

Anna Deavere Smith: Four American characters - test

Anna Greka: The world's rarest diseases — and how they impact everyone - test

Anna Heringer: The warmth and wisdom of mud buildings - test

Anna Malaika Tubbs: How moms shape the world - test

Anna Malaika Tubbs: The critical role of Black mothers -- and how to support all moms - test

Anna Mracek Dietrich: A plane you can drive - test

Anna Piperal: What a digital government looks like - test

Anna Post: How to set the table - test

Anna Rosling Rönnlund: See how the rest of the world lives, organized by income - test

Anna Rothschild: Why you should love gross science - test

Anne Basting: How to meaningfully reconnect with those who have dementia - test

Anne Curzan: What makes a word "real"? - test

Anne F. Broadbridge: A day in the life of a Mongolian queen - test

Anne F. Broadbridge: The rise and fall of the Mongol Empire - test

Anne Gaskett: The sexual deception of orchids - test

Anne Lamott: 12 truths I learned from life and writing - test

Anne Madden: Meet the microscopic life in your home -- and on your face - test

Anne Marie Albano: How to raise kids who can overcome anxiety - test

Anne Milgram: Why smart statistics are the key to fighting crime - test

Anne Morriss: 5 steps to fix any problem at work - test

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