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DK Osseo-Asare: What a scrapyard in Ghana can teach us about innovation - test

D-L Stewart: Scenes from a Black trans life - test

Daan Roosegaarde: A smog vacuum cleaner and other magical city designs - test

Daina Ramey Berry: The electrifying speeches of Sojourner Truth - test

Dale Dougherty: We are makers - test

Dalia Mogahed: The attitudes that sparked Arab Spring - test

Dalia Mogahed: What it's like to be Muslim in America - test

Dallas Taylor: What silence can teach you about sound - test

Dambisa Moyo: Economic growth has stalled. Let's fix it - test

Dambisa Moyo: Is China the new idol for emerging economies? - test

Dame Ellen MacArthur: The surprising thing I learned sailing solo around the world - test

Dame Stephanie Shirley: Why do ambitious women have flat heads? - test

Dame Vivian Hunt: How businesses can serve everyone, not just shareholders - test

Damian Palin: Mining minerals from seawater - test

Damien Riehl: Why all melodies should be free for musicians to use - test

Damion Searls: How does the Rorschach inkblot test work? - test

Damon Brown: How to choose your news - test

Damon Davis: Courage is contagious - test

Damon Gameau: The story that shapes your relationship with nature - test

Damon Horowitz: Philosophy in prison - test

Damon Horowitz: We need a "moral operating system" - test

Dan Adams: A brief history of goths - test

Dan Ariely: Are we in control of our own decisions? - test

Dan Ariely: Beware conflicts of interest - test

Dan Ariely: How equal do we want the world to be? You'd be surprised - test

Dan Ariely: How to change your behavior for the better - test

Dan Ariely: Our buggy moral code - test

Dan Ariely: What makes us feel good about our work? - test

Dan Barasch: A park underneath the hustle and bustle of New York City - test

Dan Barber: A foie gras parable - test

Dan Barber: How I fell in love with a fish - test

Dan Bell: Inside America's dead shopping malls - test

Dan Berkenstock: The world is one big dataset. Now, how to photograph it ... - test

Dan Bricklin: Meet the inventor of the electronic spreadsheet - test

Dan Buettner: How to live to be 100+ - test

Dan Clay: Why you should bring your whole self to work - test

Dan Cobley: What physics taught me about marketing - test

Dan Dennett: Cute, sexy, sweet, funny - test

Dan Dennett: Dangerous memes - test

Dan Dennett: Let's teach religion -- all religion -- in schools - test

Dan Dennett: The illusion of consciousness - test

Dan Finkel: 5 ways to share math with kids - test

Dan Finkel: Can you outsmart Fate and break her ancient curse? - test

Dan Finkel: Can you solve the Ragnarok riddle? - test

Dan Finkel: Can you solve the cursed dice riddle? - test

Dan Finkel: Can you solve the giant cat army riddle? - test

Dan Finkel: Can you solve the giant spider riddle? - test

Dan Finkel: Can you solve the honeybee riddle? - test

Dan Finkel: Can you solve the riddle and escape Hades? - test

Dan Finkel: Can you solve the rogue AI riddle? - test

Dan Finkel: Can you solve the secret werewolf riddle? - test

Dan Finkel: Can you solve the world's most evil wizard riddle? - test

Dan Finkel: Can you steal the most powerful wand in the wizarding world? - test

Dan Finkel: This one weird trick will get you infinite gold - test

Dan Gartenberg: The brain benefits of deep sleep -- and how to get more of it - test

Dan Gibson: How to build synthetic DNA and send it across the internet - test

Dan Gilbert: The psychology of your future self - test

Dan Gilbert: The surprising science of happiness - test

Dan Gilbert: Why we make bad decisions - test

Dan Goods: How NASA invented a ventilator for COVID-19 ... in 37 days - test

Dan Gross: Why gun violence can't be our new normal - test

Dan Harris: The benefits of not being a jerk to yourself - test

Dan Jørgensen: How wind energy could power Earth ... 18 times over - test

Dan Katz and Alex Rosenthal: Can you solve the sorting hat riddle? - test

Dan Katz: Can you solve the cheating royal riddle? - test

Dan Knights: How we study the microbes living in your gut - test

Dan Kwartler: How fast can a vaccine be made? - test

Dan Kwartler: The myth of Gawain and the Green Knight - test

Dan Kwartler: What causes headaches? - test

Dan Kwartler: What causes insomnia? - test

Dan Kwartler: What would happen if every human suddenly disappeared? - test

Dan Kwartler: Why don't we cover the desert with solar panels? - test

Dan Kwartler: Why should you read "Dune" by Frank Herbert? - test

Dan Meyer: Math class needs a makeover - test

Dan Pacholke: How prisons can help inmates live meaningful lives - test

Dan Pallotta: The dream we haven't dared to dream - test

Dan Pallotta: The way we think about charity is dead wrong - test

Dan Phillips: Creative houses from reclaimed stuff - test

Dan Pink: The puzzle of motivation - test

Dan Reinstein: How does laser eye surgery work? - test

Dan Reisel: The neuroscience of restorative justice - test

Dan Sayers: The secret society of the Great Dismal Swamp - test

Dan Schulman: What COVID-19 means for the future of commerce, capitalism and cash - test

Dan Shipper: The unexpected key to boosting your productivity - test

Dan Van der Vieren: Can you solve "Einstein's Riddle"? - test

Dan Widmaier: The future of fashion -- made from mushrooms - test

Dana Kanze: The real reason female entrepreneurs get less funding - test

Daniel Alexander Jones: What to do when everything feels broken - test

Daniel Bögre Udell: How to save a language from extinction - test

Daniel Dulek: How big is a mole? (Not the animal, the other one.) - test

Daniel Engber: How the progress bar keeps you sane - test

Daniel Finkel: Can you solve the alien probe riddle? - test

Daniel Finkel: Can you solve the cuddly duddly fuddly wuddly riddle? - test

Daniel Finkel: Can you solve the dark matter fuel riddle? - test

Daniel Finkel: Can you solve the jail break riddle? - test

Daniel Finkel: Can you solve the killer robo-ants riddle? - test

Daniel Finkel: Can you solve the multiverse rescue mission riddle? - test

Daniel Finkel: Can you solve the sea monster riddle? - test

Daniel Finkel: Can you solve the time travel riddle? - test

Daniel Finkel: Can you solve the time traveling car riddle? - test

Daniel Finkel: Can you solve the troll's paradox riddle? - test

Daniel Finkel: Can you solve the unstoppable blob riddle? - test

Daniel Finkel: Can you solve the vampire hunter riddle? - test

Daniel Garrie: Defining cyberwarfare... in hopes of preventing it - test

Daniel Goldstein: The battle between your present and future self - test

Daniel Goleman: Why aren't we more compassionate? - test

Daniel Gregory: How do you know you're not dreaming? - test

Daniel H. Cohen: For argument's sake - test

Daniel H. Pink: 4 kinds of regret -- and what they teach you about yourself - test

Daniel J. Watts: To accomplish great things, you need to "let the paint dry" - test

Daniel Kahneman: The riddle of experience vs. memory - test

Daniel Kish: How I use sonar to navigate the world - test

Daniel Kraft: A better way to harvest bone marrow - test

Daniel Kraft: How COVID-19 transformed the future of medicine - test

Daniel Kraft: Medicine's future? There's an app for that - test

Daniel Kraft: The pharmacy of the future? Personalized pills, 3D printed at home - test

Daniel L. Schacter: Are all of your memories real? - test

Daniel Levitin: How to stay calm when you know you'll be stressed - test

Daniel Libeskind: 17 words of architectural inspiration - test

Daniel Lismore: My life as a work of art - test

Daniel M. Abrams: Why are some people left-handed? - test

Daniel Pauly: The ocean's shifting baseline - test

Daniel Schnitzer: Inventing is the easy part. Marketing takes work - test

Daniel Sperling and Gil Tal: The surprisingly long history of electric cars - test

Daniel Streicker: What vaccinating vampire bats can teach us about pandemics - test

Daniel Suarez: The kill decision shouldn't belong to a robot - test

Daniel Susskind: 3 myths about the future of work (and why they're not true) - test

Daniel Tammet: Different ways of knowing - test

Daniel Wolpert: The real reason for brains - test

Daniele Quercia: Happy maps - test

Danielle Allen: An ethical plan for ending the pandemic and restarting the economy - test

Danielle Citron: How deepfakes undermine truth and threaten democracy - test

Danielle Feinberg: The magic ingredient that brings Pixar movies to life - test

Danielle N. Lee: How hip-hop helps us understand science - test

Danielle R. Moss: How we can help the "forgotten middle" reach their full potential - test

Danielle Torley: I stepped out of grief -- by dancing with fire - test

Danielle Wood: 6 space technologies we can use to improve life on Earth - test

Danielle de Niese: A flirtatious aria - test

Danit Peleg: Forget shopping. Soon you'll download your new clothes - test

Dannagal G. Young: The psychological traits that shape your political beliefs - test

Danny Dorling: Maps that show us who we are (not just where we are) - test

Danny Hillis: Back to the future (of 1994) - test

Danny Hillis: Should we create a solar shade to cool the earth? - test

Danny Hillis: The Internet could crash. We need a Plan B - test

Danny Hillis: Understanding cancer through proteomics - test

Dao Nguyen: What makes something go viral? - test

Daphne Bavelier: Your brain on video games - test

Daphne Koller: What we're learning from online education - test

Daria van den Bercken: Why I take the piano on the road ... and in the air - test

Darien Satterfield: Real-life "Alien" jaws - test

Darieth Chisolm: How revenge porn turns lives upside down - test

Darren Croft: Inside the killer whale matriarchy - test

Darria Long: An ER doctor on triaging your "crazy busy" life - test

Darrick Hamilton: How "baby bonds" could help close the wealth gap - test

Dave Brain: What a planet needs to sustain life - test

Dave Clark and Kara Hurst: Amazon's climate pledge to be net-zero by 2040 - test

Dave Eggers: My wish Once Upon a School - test

Dave Isay: Everyone around you has a story the world needs to hear - test

Dave Meslin: The antidote to apathy - test

Dave Sivaprasad: Mangroves, storm walls and other ways to protect coasts from climate change - test

Dave Troy: Social maps that reveal a city's intersections — and separations - test

Dave deBronkart: Meet e-Patient Dave - test

David Agus: A new strategy in the war on cancer - test

David Anderson: Your brain is more than a bag of chemicals - test

David Andrew Quist: Could fungi actually be the key to humanity's survival? - test

David Asch: Why it's so hard to make healthy decisions - test

David Autor: Will automation take away all our jobs? - test

David Baker: 5 challenges we could solve by designing new proteins - test

David Baron: You owe it to yourself to experience a total solar eclipse - test

David Biello: 1816 The year with no summer - test

David Biello: How the compass unlocked the world - test

David Binder: The arts festival revolution - test

David Birch: A new way to stop identity theft - test

David Bismark: E-voting without fraud - test

David Blaine: How I held my breath for 17 minutes - test

David Bolinsky: Visualizing the wonder of a living cell - test

David Brenner: A new weapon in the fight against superbugs - test

David Brooks: Should you live for your résumé ... or your eulogy? - test

David Brooks: The lies our culture tells us about what matters -- and a better way to live - test

David Brooks: The social animal - test

David Burkus: Why you should know how much your coworkers get paid - test

David Byrne, Ethel + Thomas Dolby: "(Nothing But) Flowers" with string quartet - test

David Byrne: How architecture helped music evolve - test

David Cage: How video games turn players into storytellers - test

David Camarillo: Why helmets don't prevent concussions -- and what might - test

David Cameron: The next age of government - test

David Carson: Design and discovery - test

David Casarett: A doctor's case for medical marijuana - test

David Chalmers: How do you explain consciousness? - test

David Christian: The history of our world in 18 minutes - test

David Damberger: What happens when an NGO admits failure - test

David Deutsch: A new way to explain explanation - test

David Deutsch: After billions of years of monotony, the universe is waking up - test

David Deutsch: Chemical scum that dream of distant quasars - test

David Dunning: Why incompetent people think they're amazing - test

David Eagleman: Can we create new senses for humans? - test

David Epstein: Are athletes really getting faster, better, stronger? - test

David Epstein: Why specializing early doesn't always mean career success - test

David Gallo: Deep ocean mysteries and wonders - test

David Gallo: Life in the deep oceans - test

David Gallo: Underwater astonishments - test

David Grady: How to save the world (or at least yourself) from bad meetings - test

David Griffin: How photography connects us - test

David Gruber: Can we learn to talk to sperm whales? - test

David Gruber: Glow-in-the-dark sharks and other stunning sea creatures - test

David Hanson: Robots that "show emotion" - test

David Heymann: What we do (and don't) know about the coronavirus - test

David Hoffman: Sputnik mania - test

David Hoffman: What happens when you lose everything - test

David Holt: The joyful tradition of mountain music - test

David Ian Howe: A brief history of dogs - test

David Ikard: The real story of Rosa Parks -- and why we need to confront myths about Black history - test

David J. Bier: How guest worker visas could transform the US immigration system - test

David J. Malan: What's an algorithm? - test

David Katz: The surprising solution to ocean plastic - test

David Keith: A critical look at geoengineering against climate change - test

David Kelley: How to build your creative confidence - test

David Kelley: Human-centered design - test

David Kessler: How to find meaning after loss - test

David Korins: 3 ways to create a space that moves you, from a Broadway set designer - test

David Kwong: Two nerdy obsessions meet -- and it's magic - test

David L. Hu: Do larger animals take longer to pee? - test

David Lammy and Justin J. Pearson: How to be a leader for climate justice - test

David Lammy: Climate justice can't happen without racial justice - test

David Lang: Let's protect the oceans like national parks - test

David Lang: My underwater robot - test

David Lee: Why jobs of the future won't feel like work - test

David Lindell: A camera that can see around corners - test

David Logan: Tribal leadership - test

David Lunney: The life cycle of a neutron star - test

David Lunney: Where does gold come from? - test

David M. Howard: Can we recreate the voice of a 3,000-year-old mummy? - test

David MacKay: A reality check on renewables - test

David Macaulay: An illustrated journey through Rome - test

David McCandless: The beauty of data visualization - test

David Merrill: Toy tiles that talk to each other - test

David Miliband: The refugee crisis is a test of our character - test

David Perry: Are games better than life? - test

David Peterson: Why language is humanity's greatest invention - test

David Pizarro: The strange politics of disgust - test

David Pogue: 10 top time-saving tech tips - test

David Pogue: Cool tricks your phone can do - test

David Pogue: Simplicity sells - test

David Pogue: The music wars - test

David Puts: To find your perfect mate, think like an evolutionist - test

David Puttnam: Does the media have a "duty of care"? - test

David R. Dow: Lessons from death row inmates - test

David R. Liu: Can we cure genetic diseases by rewriting DNA? - test

David R. Williams: How racism makes us sick - test

David Rockwell: A memorial at Ground Zero - test

David Rockwell: The hidden ways stairs shape your life - test

David Rothkopf: How fear drives American politics - test

David S. Rose: How to pitch to a VC - test

David Schwartz: Not all scientific studies are created equal - test

David Sedlak: 4 ways we can avoid a catastrophic drought - test

David Sengeh: The sore problem of prosthetic limbs - test

David Steindl-Rast: Want to be happy? Be grateful - test

David Titley: How the military fights climate change - test

David Wallace-Wells: How we could change the planet's climate future - test

David Wengrow: A new understanding of human history and the roots of inequality - test

David Whyte: A lyrical bridge between past, present and future - test

Dawn Landes: A song for my hero, the woman who rowed into a hurricane - test

Dawn Lippert: Community investment is the missing piece of climate action - test

Dawn Maslar: The science of attraction - test

Dawn Wacek: A librarian's case against overdue book fines - test

Dayananda Saraswati: The profound journey of compassion - test

Dayo Ogunyemi: Visions of Africa's future, from African filmmakers - test

DeAndrea Salvador: How we can make energy more affordable for low-income families - test

Dean Furness: To overcome challenges, stop comparing yourself to others - test

Dean Kamen: Luke, a new prosthetic arm for soldiers - test

Dean Kamen: The emotion behind invention - test

Dean Kamen: To invent is to give - test

Dean Ornish: Healing through diet - test

Dean Ornish: The killer American diet that's sweeping the planet - test

Dean Ornish: Your genes are not your fate - test

Dean R. Lomax: A giant Jurassic sea dragon, unearthed - test

Deanna Pucciarelli: The history of chocolate - test

Deanna Van Buren: What a world without prisons could look like - test

Deb Roy: The birth of a word - test

Deb Willis and Hank Willis Thomas: A mother and son united by love and art - test

Debbie Lovich: 3 tips for leaders to get the future of work right - test

Debbie Millman: How symbols and brands shape our humanity - test

Debbie Millman: Love letters to what we hold dear - test

Debbie Millman: The function and fashion of eyeglasses - test

Deborah Gordon: Inside the ant colony - test

Deborah Gordon: The emergent genius of ant colonies - test

Deborah Gordon: What ants teach us about the brain, cancer and the Internet - test

Deborah Lipstadt: Behind the lies of Holocaust denial - test

Deborah Rhodes: A test that finds 3x more breast tumors, and why it's not available to you - test

Deborah Scranton: An Iraq war movie crowd-sourced from soldiers - test

Debra Jarvis: Yes, I survived cancer. But that doesn't define me - test

Dee Boersma: Pay attention to penguins - test

Deepa Narayan: 7 beliefs that can silence women -- and how to unlearn them - test

Deepa Purushothaman: The workplace, redefined by women of color - test

Deepika Kurup: A young scientist's quest for clean water - test

Deeyah Khan: What we don't know about Europe's Muslim kids - test

Del Harvey: Protecting Twitter users (sometimes from themselves) - test

Dena Simmons: How students of color confront impostor syndrome - test

Denice Frohman: "Accents" - test

Denis Dutton: A Darwinian theory of beauty - test

Denise Herzing: Could we speak the language of dolphins? - test

Denise Zmekhol: A story of Brazil through a single iconic building - test

Dennis E. Shasha: Can you solve Dongle's Difficult Dilemma? - test

Dennis E. Shasha: Can you solve the fantasy election riddle? - test

Dennis Hong: 7 new species of robot that jump, dance — and walk on water - test

Dennis Hong: Making a car for blind drivers - test

Dennis Hong: My seven species of robot -- and how we created them - test

Dennis Shasha: Can you solve the Trojan War riddle? - test

Dennis Shasha: Can you solve the control room riddle? - test

Dennis Shasha: Can you solve the stolen rubies riddle? - test

Dennis Shasha: Can you solve the temple riddle? - test

Dennis Wildfogel: How big is infinity? - test

Dennis Wildfogel: What is the universe made of? - test

Dennis vanEngelsdorp: A plea for bees - test

Densho: Ugly History Japanese American incarceration camps - test

Derek Abbott: Should you trust unanimous decisions? - test

Derek Paravicini and Adam Ockelford: In the key of genius - test

Derek Sarno: The many reasons to eat a plant-based diet - test

Derek Sivers: How to start a movement - test

Derek Sivers: Keep your goals to yourself - test

Derek Sivers: Weird, or just different? - test

Derren Brown: Mentalism, mind reading and the art of getting inside your head - test

Design Matters with Debbie Millman: Cheryl Strayed - test

Design Matters: Brené Brown - test

Dessa: Can we choose to fall out of love? - test

Deval Patrick: A different understanding of American patriotism - test

Devdutt Pattanaik: East vs. West -- the myths that mystify - test

Devin Shuman: The genes you don't get from your parents (but can't live without) - test

Devita Davison: How urban agriculture is transforming Detroit - test

Dexter Dias: Racism thrives on silence -- speak up! - test

Diana Adams: Why US laws must expand beyond the nuclear family - test

Diana Laufenberg: How to learn? From mistakes - test

Diana Nyad: Extreme swimming with the world's most dangerous jellyfish - test

Diana Nyad: Never, ever give up - test

Diana Reiss, Peter Gabriel, Neil Gershenfeld and Vint Cerf: The interspecies internet? An idea in progress - test

Diana Sierra Becerra: The rebel radio that brought down a war criminal - test

Diane Benscoter: How cults rewire the brain - test

Diane J. Rayor: Ancient Greece's greatest popstar - test

Diane Kelly: What we didn't know about penis anatomy - test

Diane Knutson: Why we need darkness - test

Diane Wolk-Rogers: A Parkland teacher's homework for us all - test

Dianna Cohen: Tough truths about plastic pollution - test

Dick M. Carpenter II: The injustice of "policing for profit" -- and how to end it - test

Didier Sornette: How we can predict the next financial crisis - test

Diego Prilusky: ¿Como será el cine del futuro? - test

Diego Prilusky: How volumetric video brings a new dimension to filmmaking - test

Dilip Ratha: The hidden force in global economics sending money home - test

Dimitar Sasselov: How we found hundreds of potential Earth-like planets - test

Dina Katabi: A new way to monitor vital signs (that can see through walls) - test

Dina Zielinski: How we can store digital data in DNA - test

Dixon Chibanda: Why I train grandmothers to treat depression - test

Diébédo Francis Kéré: How to build with clay ... and community - test

Dolly Chugh: How to let go of being a "good" person -- and become a better person - test

Dolores Huerta: How to overcome apathy and find your power - test

Dominic Price: What's your happiness score? - test

Don Levy: A cinematic journey through visual effects - test

Don Norman: 3 ways good design makes you happy - test

Don Tapscott: Four principles for the open world - test

Don Tapscott: How the blockchain is changing money and business - test

Donald Hoffman: Do we see reality as it is? - test

Donald Sadoway: The missing link to renewable energy - test

Dong Woo Jang: The art of bow-making - test

Dorie Clark: The real reason you feel so busy (and what to do about it) - test

Doris Kearns Goodwin: Lessons from past presidents - test

Doris Kim Sung: Metal that breathes - test

Dorothy Roberts: The problem with race-based medicine - test

Dorsa Amir: How the Industrial Revolution changed childhood - test

Dorsa Amir: Why do humans have a third eyelid? - test

Doug Levinson: What gives a dollar bill its value? - test

Doug MacKay: You can only save one— who do you choose? - test

Doug Roble: Digital humans that look just like us - test

Douglas J. Casa: What happens when you get heat stroke? - test

Douglas L. Oliver: The science of hearing - test

Douglas MacLean: Ethical dilemma What makes life worth living? - test

Douglas Rushkoff: How to be "Team Human" in the digital future - test

Douglas Thomas: How a typeface helped launch Apollo - test

Dr. Matt J. Carlson: Free falling in outer space - test

Dr. Natascha M. Santos: Debunking the myths of OCD - test

Dr. Phillip Atiba Goff, Rashad Robinson, Dr. Bernice King, Anthony D. Romero: The path to ending systemic racism in the US - test

Dr. Phillip Atiba Goff: How we can make racism a solvable problem -- and improve policing - test

Dr. Phillip Atiba Solomon, Rashad Robinson, Dr. Bernice King, Anthony D. Romero: The path to ending systemic racism in the US - test

Dr. Phillip Atiba Solomon: How we can make racism a solvable problem -- and improve policing - test

Dragana Rogulja: How artificial light affects our health - test

Dread Scott: How art can shape America's conversation about freedom - test

Drew Berry: Animations of unseeable biology - test

Drew Curtis: How I beat a patent troll - test

Drew Dudley: Everyday leadership - test

Drew Philp: My $500 house in Detroit -- and the neighbors who helped me rebuild it - test

Dropbox: How one team turned a sprint project into a marathon success - test

Duarte Geraldino: What we're missing in the debate about immigration - test

Dustin Burke: How to fix broken supply chains - test

Dustin Schroeder: How we look kilometers below the Antarctic ice sheet - test

Dustin Tahmahkera: The last chief of the Comanches and the fall of an empire - test

Dustin Yellin: A journey through the mind of an artist - test

Dwan Reece: The origins of blackface and Black stereotypes - test

Dwinita Mosby Tyler: Want a more just world? Be an unlikely ally - test

Dyan deNapoli: The great penguin rescue - test

Dylan Marron: Empathy is not endorsement - test

Débora Mesa Molina: Stunning buildings made from raw, imperfect materials - test

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