TED Recommendations

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J. Marshall Shepherd: 3 kinds of bias that shape your worldview - test

J Mase III: 3 money lessons from infamous scam artists - test

J. V. Maranto: History's deadliest colors - test

JD Schramm: Break the silence for suicide attempt survivors - test

J.D. Vance: America's forgotten working class - test

J.J. Abrams: The mystery box - test

JP Rangaswami: Information is food - test

JR: My wish Use art to turn the world inside out - test

JR: One year of turning the world inside out - test

JR: Undocumented lives, inside out - test

JR: Why art is a tool for hope - test

Jaap de Roode: How butterflies self-medicate - test

Jac de Haan: Why do competitors open their stores next to one another? - test

Jacek Utko: Can design save newspapers? - test

Jack Andraka: A promising test for pancreatic cancer ... from a teenager - test

Jack Choi: On the virtual dissection table - test

Jack Conte: How artists can (finally) get paid in the digital age - test

Jack Cooper and Catalina Pimiento: Why did Megalodon go extinct? - test

Jack Dangermond: An ever-evolving map of everything on Earth - test

Jack Dangermond: How a geospatial nervous system could help us design a better future - test

Jack Dorsey: How Twitter needs to change - test

Jack Horner: Building a dinosaur from a chicken - test

Jack Horner: Where are the baby dinosaurs? - test

Jackie Savitz: Save the oceans, feed the world! - test

Jackie Tabick: The balancing act of compassion - test

Jackson Bird: How to talk (and listen) to transgender people - test

Jackson Browne: A song inspired by the ocean - test

Jackson Katz: Violence against women -- it's a men's issue - test

Jacob Collier: A one-man musical phenomenon - test

Jacob Soboroff: Why do Americans vote on Tuesdays? - test

Jacqueline DiBiasie-Sammons: Ancient Pompeii's hidden messages, preserved in graffiti - test

Jacqueline Novogratz: A third way to think about aid - test

Jacqueline Novogratz: An escape from poverty - test

Jacqueline Novogratz: Inspiring a life of immersion - test

Jacqueline Novogratz: Invest in Africa's own solutions - test

Jacqueline Novogratz: Patient capitalism - test

Jacqueline Novogratz: What it takes to make change - test

Jacqueline Woodson: What reading slowly taught me about writing - test

Jacques S. Abramowicz: How does ultrasound work? - test

Jacy Reese Anthis: Why we should end animal agriculture - test

Jad Abumrad: How Dolly Parton led me to an epiphany - test

Jae Rhim Lee: My mushroom burial suit - test

Jaime Lerner: A song of the city - test

Jake Barton: The museum of you - test

Jake Wood: A new mission for veterans -- disaster relief - test

Jakob Magolan: A crash course in organic chemistry - test

Jakob Trollback: A new kind of music video - test

Jamais Cascio: Tools for a better world - test

James A. Smith: The method that can "prove" almost anything - test

James A. White Sr.: The little problem I had renting a house - test

James B. Glattfelder: Who controls the world? - test

James Balog: Time-lapse proof of extreme ice loss - test

James Beacham: How we explore unanswered questions in physics - test

James Bridle: The nightmare videos of children's YouTube -- and what's wrong with the internet today - test

James Burchfield: Playing invisible turntables - test

James Cameron: Before Avatar ... a curious boy - test

James Earle: Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man of math - test

James Flynn: Why our IQ levels are higher than our grandparents' - test

James Forbes: Compassion at the dinner table - test

James Geary: Metaphorically speaking - test

James Gillies: Dark matter The matter we can't see - test

James Green: 3 moons and a planet that could have alien life - test

James Hansen: Why I must speak out about climate change - test

James Hodge: Esports, virtual Formula 1 and the new era of play - test

James Howard Kunstler: The ghastly tragedy of the suburbs - test

James Irungu Mwangi: Africa's great carbon valley -- and how to end energy poverty - test

James K. Thornton: Why is China appointing judges to combat climate change? - test

James Logan: Can dogs sniff out malaria? - test

James Logan: How we're using dogs to sniff out malaria - test

James Lyne: Everyday cybercrime -- and what you can do about it - test

James Nachtwey: Moving photos of extreme drug-resistant TB - test

James Nachtwey: My wish Let my photographs bear witness - test

James Orsulak: Why we need to move manufacturing off-planet - test

James Patten: The best computer interface? Maybe ... your hands - test

James Randi: Homeopathy, quackery and fraud - test

James Rhee: The value of kindness at work - test

James Stavridis: A Navy Admiral's thoughts on global security - test

James Surowiecki: The power and the danger of online crowds - test

James Tanton: Can you solve the risky disk riddle? - test

James Tanton: Can you survive the creation of the universe by solving this riddle? - test

James Veitch: The agony of trying to unsubscribe - test

James Veitch: This is what happens when you reply to spam email - test

James Watson: How we discovered DNA - test

James Zucker: How do you know you exist? - test

Jamie Bartlett: How the mysterious dark net is going mainstream - test

Jamie Bernthal: How to write the perfect crime, according to Agatha Christie - test

Jamie C. Beard: The untapped energy source that could power the planet - test

Jamie Drummond: Let's crowdsource the world's goals - test

Jamie Heywood: The big idea my brother inspired - test

Jamie Oliver: Food revolutionaries - test

Jamie Oliver: Teach every child about food - test

Jamie Paik: Origami robots that reshape and transform themselves - test

Jamil Abu-Wardeh: The Axis of Evil Middle East Comedy Tour - test

Jamil Zaki: How to escape the cynicism trap - test

Jamila Gordon: How AI can help shatter barriers to equality - test

Jamila Lyiscott: 3 ways to speak English - test

Jamila Raqib: The secret to effective nonviolent resistance - test

Jan Bill: What was so special about Viking ships? - test

Jan Chipchase: The anthropology of mobile phones - test

Jan Rader: In the opioid crisis, here's what it takes to save a life - test

Jan Stejskal: The last living members of an extinct species - test

Jan Wurzbacher: The massive machines removing carbon from Earth's atmosphere - test

Jane Chen: A warm embrace that saves lives - test

Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin: A hilarious celebration of lifelong female friendship - test

Jane Fonda: How to transform your climate concern into action - test

Jane Fonda: Life's third act - test

Jane Fonda: Why I protest for climate justice - test

Jane Goodall: Every day you live, you impact the planet - test

Jane Goodall: How humans and animals can live together - test

Jane Goodall: What separates us from chimpanzees? - test

Jane Hirshfield: The art of the metaphor - test

Jane McGonigal: Gaming can make a better world - test

Jane McGonigal: Massively multi-player… thumb-wrestling? - test

Jane McGonigal: The game that can give you 10 extra years of life - test

Jane Poynter: Life in Biosphere 2 - test

Jane Velkovski: The life-changing power of assistive technologies - test

Jane Walsh: The rise of predatory scams -- and how to prevent them - test

Jane Zelikova: The hidden wonders of soil - test

Janell Hobson: The breathtaking courage of Harriet Tubman - test

Janelle Peters: How Romans flooded the Colosseum for sea battles - test

Janelle Shane: The danger of AI is weirder than you think - test

Janet Echelman: Taking imagination seriously - test

Janet Iwasa: How animations can help scientists test a hypothesis - test

Janet Iwasa: The wonders of the molecular world, animated - test

Janet Iwasa: Why it's so hard to cure HIV/AIDS - test

Janet Stovall: How to get serious about diversity and inclusion in the workplace - test

Janette Sadik-Khan: New York's streets? Not so mean any more - test

Janine Benyus: Biomimicry in action - test

Janine Benyus: Biomimicry's surprising lessons from nature's engineers - test

Janine Shepherd: A broken body isn't a broken person - test

Janine di Giovanni: What I saw in the war - test

Janja Lalich: Why do people join cults? - test

Janna Levin: The sound the universe makes - test

Jared Diamond: How societies can grow old better - test

Jared Diamond: Why do societies collapse? - test

Jared Ficklin: New ways to see music (with color! and fire!) - test

Jaron Lanier: How we need to remake the internet - test

Jarrell Daniels: What prosecutors and incarcerated people can learn from each other - test

Jarreth Merz: Filming democracy in Ghana - test

Jarrett J. Krosoczka: How a boy became an artist - test

Jarrett J. Krosoczka: Live drawings of the human experience - test

Jarrett J. Krosoczka: Why lunch ladies are heroes - test

Jasmine Crowe: What we're getting wrong in the fight to end hunger - test

Jason B. Rosenthal: The journey through loss and grief - test

Jason Clay: How big brands can help save biodiversity - test

Jason Fried: Why work doesn't happen at work - test

Jason McCue: Terrorism is a failed brand - test

Jason Pontin: Can technology solve our big problems? - test

Jason Robert Jaffe: Pros and cons of public opinion polls - test

Jason Shen: Looking for a job? Highlight your ability, not your experience - test

Jason W. Chin: A virus-resistant organism -- and what it could mean for the future - test

Jason deCaires Taylor: An underwater art museum, teeming with life - test

Javed Akhtar: The gift of words - test

Jawad Sharif: 3 stories of Pakistani resilience, told in film - test

Jay Bradner: Open-source cancer research - test

Jay Silver: Hack a banana, make a keyboard! - test

Jay Van Bavel and Dominic Packer: The sibling rivalry that divided a town - test

Jay Van Bavel: Do politics make us irrational? - test

Jay Walker: My library of human imagination - test

Jay Walker: The world's English mania - test

JayaShri Maathaa: A magical mantra for nurturing a blissful life - test

Jean-Baptiste Michel + Erez Lieberman Aiden: What we learned from 5 million books - test

Jean-Baptiste Michel: The mathematics of history - test

Jean-Baptiste P. Koehl: Iceland's superpowered underground volcanoes - test

Jean-Baptiste P. Koehl: The continents are moving. When will they collide? - test

Jean-Baptiste P. Koehl: Why are earthquakes so hard to predict? - test

Jean-François Bastin: What if there were 1 trillion more trees? - test

Jean-Paul Mari: The chilling aftershock of a brush with death - test

Jeanette Winterson: Is humanity smart enough to survive itself? - test

Jeanne Gang: Buildings that blend nature and city - test

Jeanne Pinder: What if all US health care costs were transparent? - test

Jeannie Suk Gersen: How understanding divorce can help your marriage - test

Jedidah Isler: How I fell in love with quasars, blazars and our incredible universe - test

Jedidah Isler: The untapped genius that could change science for the better - test

Jeff Bezos: The electricity metaphor for the web's future - test

Jeff Dean: AI isn't as smart as you think -- but it could be - test

Jeff Dekofsky: Euclid's puzzling parallel postulate - test

Jeff Dekofsky: Is math discovered or invented? - test

Jeff Dekofsky: The Infinite Hotel Paradox - test

Jeff Dekofsky: The most colorful gemstones on Earth - test

Jeff Han: The radical promise of the multi-touch interface - test

Jeff Hancock: The future of lying - test

Jeff Hawkins: How brain science will change computing - test

Jeff Iliff: One more reason to get a good night's sleep - test

Jeff Kirschner: This app makes it fun to pick up litter - test

Jeff Leek and Lucy McGowan: Can you spot the problem with these headlines? (Level 1) - test

Jeff Leek and Lucy McGowan: This one weird trick will help you spot clickbait - test

Jeff Skoll: My journey into movies that matter - test

Jeff Smith: Lessons in business ... from prison - test

Jeff Speck: 4 ways to make a city more walkable - test

Jeff Speck: The walkable city - test

Jeff Steers: Who won the space race? - test

Jeffrey A. Lockwood: Are locust plagues unstoppable? - test

Jeffrey Brown: How we cut youth violence in Boston by 79 percent - test

Jeffrey Kluger: The sibling bond - test

Jeffrey Siegel: What makes muscles grow? - test

Jehane Noujaim: My wish A global day of film - test

Jen Gunter: 5 skin health myths to stop believing now - test

Jen Gunter: 5 things you should know about back pain - test

Jen Gunter: A cleanse won't detox your body -- but here's what will - test

Jen Gunter: Can exercise actually "boost" your metabolism? - test

Jen Gunter: Can you actually boost your immune system? Here's the truth - test

Jen Gunter: Do you really need 8 hours of sleep every night? - test

Jen Gunter: How vaccines are developed -- and why they're safe - test

Jen Gunter: How your sense of smell helps you savor flavor - test

Jen Gunter: The truth about yeast in your body - test

Jen Gunter: What really happens to your body during menopause - test

Jen Gunter: What you should know about opioids and painkillers - test

Jen Gunter: What's a food allergy -- and what's not? - test

Jen Gunter: What's normal anxiety -- and what's an anxiety disorder? - test

Jen Gunter: Why can't we talk about periods? - test

Jen Gunter: Why healthy bones are about so much more than milk - test

Jen Gunter: Why you don't need 8 glasses of water a day - test

Jen Gunter: Why you shouldn't worry about pooping once a day - test

Jenna C. Lester: Why skin disease is often misdiagnosed in darker skin tones - test

Jenna McCarthy: What you don't know about marriage - test

Jenni Chang and Lisa Dazols: This is what LGBT life is like around the world - test

Jennifer Aaker and Naomi Bagdonas: Why great leaders take humor seriously - test

Jennifer B. Nuzzo: 3 ways to prepare society for the next pandemic - test

Jennifer Brea: What happens when you have a disease doctors can't diagnose - test

Jennifer D. Sciubba: The truth about human population decline - test

Jennifer Doudna: CRISPR's next advance is bigger than you think - test

Jennifer Doudna: How CRISPR lets us edit our DNA - test

Jennifer Golbeck: Your social media "likes" expose more than you think - test

Jennifer Granholm: A clean energy proposal -- race to the top! - test

Jennifer Granick: How the US government spies on people who protest -- including you - test

Jennifer Healey: If cars could talk, accidents might be avoidable - test

Jennifer Heldmann: SpaceX's supersized Starship rocket -- and the future of galactic exploration - test

Jennifer Kahn: Gene editing can now change an entire species -- forever - test

Jennifer L. Eberhardt: How racial bias works -- and how to disrupt it - test

Jennifer 8. Lee: The hunt for General Tso - test

Jennifer 8. Lee: Why 1.5 billion people eat with chopsticks - test

Jennifer Lin: Improvising on piano, aged 14 - test

Jennifer Lu: Can you solve the counterfeit coin riddle? - test

Jennifer Pahlka: Coding a better government - test

Jennifer Petriglieri: How working couples can best support each other - test

Jennifer Pluznick: You smell with your body, not just your nose - test

Jennifer Senior: For parents, happiness is a very high bar - test

Jennifer Vail: The science of friction -- and its surprising impact on our lives - test

Jennifer Verduin: How do ocean currents work? - test

Jennifer Wilcox: A new way to remove CO2 from the atmosphere - test

Jennifer Zhu Scott: Why you should get paid for your data - test

Jens Burchardt: How we can curb climate change by spending two percent more on everything - test

Jer Thorp: Make data more human - test

Jeremy Brewer: A strategy for supporting and listening to others - test

Jeremy Forbes: How to start a conversation about suicide - test

Jeremy Gilley: One day of peace - test

Jeremy Heimans: What new power looks like - test

Jeremy Howard: The wonderful and terrifying implications of computers that can learn - test

Jeremy Jackson: How we wrecked the ocean - test

Jeremy Kasdin: The flower-shaped starshade that might help us detect Earth-like planets - test

Jerome Hunter: 3 skills every middle school boy needs - test

Jesper Brodin and Pia Heidenmark Cook: How Ikea is growing its business while shrinking emissions - test

Jess Kutch: What productive conflict can offer a workplace - test

Jess Thom: How I turned my Tourette's tics into art - test

Jessa Gamble: Our natural sleep cycle is nothing like what we do now - test

Jesse Byock: The secret messages of Viking runestones - test

Jesse Ilhardt: How play helps a kid's brain grow - test

Jessi Arrington: Wearing nothing new - test

Jessica Garza: How to avoid catching prickly emotions from other people - test

Jessica Green and Karen Guillemin: You are your microbes - test

Jessica Green: Are we filtering the wrong microbes? - test

Jessica Green: We're covered in germs. Let's design for that. - test

Jessica Jackley: Poverty, money -- and love - test

Jessica Kerr: Who makes judges? - test

Jessica Ladd: The reporting system that sexual assault survivors want - test

Jessica McCabe: This is what it's really like to live with ADHD - test

Jessica Ochoa Hendrix: How virtual reality turns students into scientists - test

Jessica Oreck and Rachael Teel: Mysteries of vernacular Robot - test

Jessica Oreck and Rachael Teel: Mysteries of vernacular Sarcophagus - test

Jessica Pryce: To transform child welfare, take race out of the equation - test

Jessica Shortall: The US needs paid family leave -- for the sake of its future - test

Jessica Smith: Mansa Musa, one of the wealthiest people who ever lived - test

Jessie Christiansen: What the discovery of exoplanets reveals about the universe - test

Jessy Kate Schingler: Civilization on the Moon -- and what it means for life on Earth - test

Ji-Hae Park: The violin, and my dark night of the soul - test

Jia Jiang: What I learned from 100 days of rejection - test

Jiabao Li: Art that reveals how technology frames reality - test

Jiaying Zhao: How to feng shui your fridge -- and other happy climate hacks - test

Jill Bolte Taylor: My stroke of insight - test

Jill Dash: Why should you read "Lord of the Flies" by William Golding? - test

Jill Farrant: How we can make crops survive without water - test

Jill Heinerth: The mysterious world of underwater caves - test

Jill Seubert: How a miniaturized atomic clock could revolutionize space exploration - test

Jill Shargaa: Please, please, people. Let's put the 'awe' back in 'awesome' - test

Jill Sobule + Julia Sweeney: The Jill and Julia Show - test

Jill Sobule: Global warming's theme song, "Manhattan in January" - test

Jill Tarter: Calculating the odds of intelligent alien life - test

Jill Tarter: Join the SETI search - test

Jim Al-Khalili: How quantum biology might explain life's biggest questions - test

Jim Chuchu: Why are stolen African artifacts still in Western museums? - test

Jim Collins: How we're using AI to discover new antibiotics - test

Jim Fallon: Exploring the mind of a killer - test

Jim Hagemann Snabe: Dreams and details for a decarbonized future - test

Jim Hemerling: 5 ways to lead in an era of constant change - test

Jim Holt: Why does the universe exist? - test

Jim Hudspeth: The beautiful, mysterious science of how you hear - test

Jim Simons: The mathematician who cracked Wall Street - test

Jim Toomey: Learning from Sherman the shark - test

Jim VandeHei: How to write less but say more - test

Jim Yong Kim: Doesn't everyone deserve a chance at a good life? - test

Jimmie Briggs: 3 things men can do to promote gender equity - test

Jimmy Carter: Why I believe the mistreatment of women is the number one human rights abuse - test

Jimmy Lin: A simple new blood test that can catch cancer early - test

Jimmy Nelson: Gorgeous portraits of the world's vanishing people - test

Jimmy Wales: The birth of Wikipedia - test

Jing Corpuz: 5 values for repairing the harms of colonialism - test

Jinha Lee: Reach into the computer and grab a pixel - test

Jinsop Lee: Design for all 5 senses - test

Jioji Ravulo: A liberating vision of identity that transcends labels - test

Jo Michael Rezes: A playful exploration of gender performance - test

JoAnn Kuchera-Morin: Stunning data visualization in the AlloSphere - test

Joachim de Posada: Don't eat the marshmallow! - test

Joan Blades and John Gable: Free yourself from your filter bubbles - test

Joan C. Williams: We won't fix US politics until we talk about class - test

Joan C. Williams: Why corporate diversity programs fail -- and how small tweaks can have big impact - test

Joan Halifax: Compassion and the true meaning of empathy - test

Joanne Chory: How supercharged plants could slow climate change - test

Joao Pedro de Magalhaes: Why do animals have such different lifespans? - test

Jocelyne Bloch: The brain may be able to repair itself -- with help - test

Jochen Wegner: What happened when we paired up thousands of strangers to talk politics - test

Jodi-Ann Burey: The myth of bringing your full, authentic self to work - test

Jodie Houlston-Lau: How to make a sad story funny - test

Jody Williams: A realistic vision for world peace - test

Joe DeRisi: Solving medical mysteries - test

Joe Gebbia: How Airbnb designs for trust - test

Joe Kowan: How I beat stage fright - test

Joe Landolina: This gel can make you stop bleeding instantly - test

Joe Lassiter: We need nuclear power to solve climate change - test

Joe Madiath: Better toilets, better life - test

Joe Sabia: The technology of storytelling - test

Joe Smith: How to use a paper towel - test

Joel Baraka: The board game getting kids excited about school - test

Joel Jackson: A vehicle built in Africa, for Africa - test

Joel Leon: The beautiful, hard work of co-parenting - test

Joel Levine: Why we need to go back to Mars - test

Joel Selanikio: The big-data revolution in health care - test

Joelle Rabow Maletis: The psychology of post-traumatic stress disorder - test

Joey Alexander: An 11-year-old prodigy performs old-school jazz - test

Johan Rockström: 5 transformational policies for a prosperous and sustainable world - test

Johan Rockström: 10 years to transform the future of humanity -- or destabilize the planet - test

Johan Rockström: Let the environment guide our development - test

Johann Daniel Harnoss: How your company can gain a global talent advantage - test

Johann Hari: Everything you think you know about addiction is wrong - test

Johann Hari: This could be why you're depressed or anxious - test

Johanna Benesty: What it takes to crush a pandemic - test

Johanna Blakley: Lessons from fashion's free culture - test

Johanna Blakley: Social media and the end of gender - test

Johanna Figueira: Simple, effective tech to connect communities in crisis - test

John Amory: How a male contraceptive pill could work - test

John Biewen: The lie that invented racism - test

John Bohannon: Dance vs. powerpoint, a modest proposal - test

John C. Mather: How the James Webb Space Telescope will unfold the universe - test

John C. Moore and Eric Berlow: Dead stuff The secret ingredient in our food chain - test

John Cameron: Why do we hiccup? - test

John Cary: How architecture can create dignity for all - test

John Delaney: Wiring an interactive ocean - test

John Doerr and Hal Harvey: How to decarbonize the grid and electrify everything - test

John Doerr and Ryan Panchadsaram: An action plan for solving the climate crisis - test

John Doerr: Salvation (and profit) in greentech - test

John Doerr: Why the secret to success is setting the right goals - test

John Francis: Walk the earth ... my 17-year vow of silence - test

John Gerzema: The post-crisis consumer - test

John Graham-Cumming: The greatest machine that never was - test

John Green: The nerd's guide to learning everything online - test

John Hardy: My green school dream - test

John Hockenberry: We are all designers - test

John Hodgman: Aliens, love -- where are they? - test

John Hodgman: Design, explained. - test

John Hunter: Teaching with the World Peace Game - test

John Kasaona: How poachers became caretakers - test

John Kerry and Al Gore: The US is back in the Paris Agreement. What's next? - test

John Kitching: Who decides how long a second is? - test

John Koenig: Beautiful new words to describe obscure emotions - test

John La Grou: A plug for smart power outlets - test

John Legend: "Redemption Song" - test

John Lewis and Bryan Stevenson: The fight for civil rights and freedom - test

John Lloyd: An animated tour of the invisible - test

John Lloyd: An inventory of the invisible - test

John Maeda: Designing for simplicity - test

John Maeda: How art, technology and design inform creative leaders - test

John Maeda: My journey in design - test

John Marshall: 3 strategies for effectively talking about climate change - test

John McWhorter: 4 reasons to learn a new language - test

John McWhorter: A brief history of plural word...s - test

John McWhorter: Are Elvish, Klingon, Dothraki and Na'vi real languages? - test

John McWhorter: Txtng is killing language. JK!!! - test

John Paget: How to keep your hometown from becoming a ghost town - test

John Q. Walker: Great piano performances, recreated - test

John Searle: Our shared condition -- consciousness - test

John Soluri: The dark history of bananas - test

John Underkoffler: Pointing to the future of UI - test

John Varney: A different way to visualize rhythm - test

John Wilbanks: Let's pool our medical data - test

John Wooden: The difference between winning and succeeding - test

Johnny Lee: Free or cheap Wii Remote hacks - test

Joi Ito: Want to innovate? Become a "now-ist" - test

Joia Mukherjee: How to quickly scale up contact tracing across the US - test

Jok Church: A circle of caring - test

Jon Bergmann: Just how small is an atom? - test

Jon Boogz and Lil Buck: A dance to honor Mother Earth - test

Jon Bowers: We should aim for perfection -- and stop fearing failure - test

Jon Gosier: The problem with "trickle-down techonomics" - test

Jon Gray: The next big thing is coming from the Bronx, again - test

Jon Gray: The power of the Afro pick - test

Jon Lowenstein: Family, hope and resilience on the migrant trail - test

Jon M. Chu: The pride and power of representation in film - test

Jon Mooallem: How the teddy bear taught us compassion - test

Jon Nguyen: Tour the solar system from home - test

Jon Ronson: Strange answers to the psychopath test - test

Jon Ronson: When online shaming goes too far - test

Jonas Eliasson: How to solve traffic jams - test

Jonas Gahr Støre: In defense of dialogue - test

Jonathan Butterworth: What's the smallest thing in the universe? - test

Jonathan Drori: Every pollen grain has a story - test

Jonathan Drori: The beautiful tricks of flowers - test

Jonathan Drori: What we think we know - test

Jonathan Drori: Why we're storing billions of seeds - test

Jonathan Eisen: Meet your microbes - test

Jonathan Foley: The other inconvenient truth - test

Jonathan Haidt: Can a divided America heal? - test

Jonathan Haidt: How common threats can make common (political) ground - test

Jonathan Haidt: Religion, evolution, and the ecstasy of self-transcendence - test

Jonathan Haidt: The moral roots of liberals and conservatives - test

Jonathan Harris: The Web's secret stories - test

Jonathan Harris: The web as art - test

Jonathan J. O'Sullivan and Grace E. Cunningham: Which type of milk is best for you? - test

Jonathan Klein: Photos that changed the world - test

Jonathan Marks: In praise of conflict - test

Jonathan Rossiter: A robot that eats pollution - test

Jonathan Smith: Do tax cuts stimulate the economy? - test

Jonathan Smith: How do governments create money out of thin air? - test

Jonathan Tepperman: The risky politics of progress - test

Jonathan Trent: Energy from floating algae pods - test

Jonathan Wilker: What sticky sea creatures can teach us about making glue - test

Jonathan Zittrain: The Web as random acts of kindness - test

Jonny Sun: You are not alone in your loneliness - test

Jordan Dinwiddie: 10 lessons I learned from being a nerd - test

Jordan Wirfs-Brock: The four things you need to know about the energy you use - test

Jordana Moore Saggese: The chaotic brilliance of artist Jean-Michel Basquiat - test

Jorge Drexler: Poetry, music and identity - test

Jorge Mañes Rubio: What should humans take to space (and leave behind)? - test

Jorge Ramos: Why journalists have an obligation to challenge power - test

Jorge Soto: The future of early cancer detection? - test

Jose Antonio Vargas: 3 questions to ask yourself about US citizenship - test

Jose Miguel Sokoloff: How Christmas lights helped guerrillas put down their guns - test

Joseph DeSimone: What if 3D printing was 100x faster? - test

Joseph Goffman: Whatever happened to acid rain? - test

Joseph Gordon-Levitt: How craving attention makes you less creative - test

Joseph Isaac: Why people fall for misinformation - test

Joseph Kim: The family I lost in North Korea. And the family I gained. - test

Joseph Lekuton: A parable for Kenya - test

Joseph Nye: Global power shifts - test

Joseph Pine: What consumers want - test

Joseph Ravenell: How barbershops can keep men healthy - test

Joseph Redmon: How computers learn to recognize objects instantly - test

Joseph Shin: How doctors can help fix the broken US asylum system - test

Josephine Eyre: Are video calls the best we can do in the age of the metaverse? - test

Josephine Philips: The simple solution to fast fashion - test

Josette Sheeran: Ending hunger now - test

Josh Giegel: Super speed, magnetic levitation and the vision behind the hyperloop - test

Josh Luber: Why sneakers are a great investment - test

Josh Samani: What can Schrödinger's cat teach us about quantum mechanics? - test

Joshua Chu-Tan: The science of preserving sight - test

Joshua Foer: Feats of memory anyone can do - test

Joshua Harvey: The evolution of the human eye - test

Joshua Klein: A thought experiment on the intelligence of crows - test

Joshua Paul Dale: Why do you want to squeeze cute things? - test

Joshua Prager: In search of the man who broke my neck - test

Joshua Prager: Wisdom from great writers on every year of life - test

Joshua Prince-Ramus: Behind the design of Seattle's library - test

Joshua Prince-Ramus: Building a theater that remakes itself - test

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Joshua W. Pate: The fascinating science of phantom limbs - test

Joshua W. Pate: The mysterious science of pain - test

Joshua Walters: On being just crazy enough - test

José Américano N L F de Freitas: How exactly does binary code work? - test

José Andrés: How a team of chefs fed Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria - test

José Antonio Abreu: The El Sistema music revolution - test

José Bowen: Beethoven the businessman - test

Jota Samper: The informal settlements reshaping the world - test

Joy Buolamwini: How I'm fighting bias in algorithms - test

Joy Lin: If superpowers were real Body mass - test

Joy Lin: If superpowers were real Flight - test

Joy Lin: If superpowers were real Immortality - test

Joy Lin: If superpowers were real Invisibility - test

Joy Lin: If superpowers were real Super speed - test

Joy Lin: If superpowers were real Super strength - test

Joy Sun: Should you donate differently? - test

Joy Wolfram: How nanoparticles could change the way we treat cancer - test

Joëlle Rollo-Koster: Why were there three popes at the same time? - test

Juan Enriquez: A personal plea for humanity at the US-Mexico border - test

Juan Enriquez: How technology changes our sense of right and wrong - test

Juan Enriquez: The age of genetic wonder - test

Juan Enriquez: The life code that will reshape the future - test

Juan Enriquez: The next species of human - test

Juan Enriquez: Using biology to rethink the energy challenge - test

Juan Enriquez: We can reprogram life. How to do it wisely - test

Juan Enriquez: What will humans look like in 100 years? - test

Juan Enriquez: Will our kids be a different species? - test

Juan Enriquez: Your online life, permanent as a tattoo - test

Judd A. Schorr: Can you solve the airplane riddle? - test

Jude Kelly: Why women should tell the stories of humanity - test

Judith Heumann: Our fight for disability rights -- and why we're not done yet - test

Judith Jamison and members of the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater: Revelations from a lifetime of dance - test

Judson Brewer: A simple way to break a bad habit - test

Judy Cebra-Thomas: How turtle shells evolved... twice - test

Judy Grisel: How does alcohol cause hangovers? - test

Judy Grisel: How does alcohol make you drunk? - test

Judy MacDonald Johnston: Prepare for a good end of life - test

Julia Bacha: How women wage conflict without violence - test

Julia Bacha: Pay attention to nonviolence - test

Julia Dhar: How to disagree productively and find common ground - test

Julia Dhar: How to have constructive conversations - test

Julia Galef: Why you think you're right -- even if you're wrong - test

Julia Gillard and Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala: 6 essential lessons for women leaders - test

Julia Shaw: A memory scientist's advice on reporting harassment and discrimination - test

Julia Shaw: How memory science can help fight harassment - test

Julia Shaw: How to support witnesses of harassment and build healthier workplaces - test

Julia Sweeney: It's time for "The Talk" - test

Julia Sweeney: Letting go of God - test

Julia Watson: How to build a resilient future using ancient wisdom - test

Julian Assange: Why the world needs WikiLeaks - test

Julian Baggini: Is there a real you? - test

Julian Burschka: Could a breathalyzer detect cancer? - test

Julian Burschka: What your breath could reveal about your health - test

Julian Treasure: 5 ways to listen better - test

Julian Treasure: How to speak so that people want to listen - test

Julian Treasure: Shh! Sound health in 8 steps - test

Julian Treasure: The 4 ways sound affects us - test

Julian Treasure: Why architects need to use their ears - test

Juliana Machado Ferreira: The fight to end rare-animal trafficking in Brazil - test

Juliana Rotich: Meet BRCK, Internet access built for Africa - test

Julie Burstein: 4 lessons in creativity - test

Julie Cordua: How we can eliminate child sexual abuse material from the internet - test

Julie Lythcott-Haims: How to raise successful kids -- without over-parenting - test

Julie Taymor: Spider-Man, The Lion King and life on the creative edge - test

Julieanna L. Richardson: The mission to safeguard Black history in the US - test

Juliet Brophy: How a new species of ancestors is changing our theory of human evolution - test

Juliet Schor: The case for a 4-day work week - test

Julio Gil: Future tech will give you the benefits of city life anywhere - test

Julissa Prado: 3 rules to help you build a successful business - test

Julius Maada Bio: A vision for the future of Sierra Leone - test

Julián Delgado Lopera: The poetry of everyday language - test

Jun Wang: How digital DNA could help you make better health choices - test

Juna Kollmeier: The most detailed map of galaxies, black holes and stars ever made - test

June Sarpong: We need leaders who boldly champion inclusion - test

June Tangney: What's the difference between guilt and shame? - test

Juno Mac: The laws that sex workers really want - test

Jupta Itoewaki: An Indigenous perspective on humanity's survival on Earth - test

Justin Baldoni: Why I'm done trying to be "man enough" - test

Justin Davidson: Why glass towers are bad for city life -- and what we need instead - test

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Justin Schmidt: The world's most painful insect sting - test

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