TED Recommendations

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R. Alan Brooks: When the world is burning, is art a waste of time? - test

R. Luke DuBois: Insightful human portraits made from data - test

R. Saravanan: Is the weather actually becoming more extreme? - test

R.A. Mashelkar: Breakthrough designs for ultra-low-cost products - test

Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks: How we can face the future without fear, together - test

Rabiaa El Garani: Hope and justice for women who've survived ISIS - test

Rachel Armstrong: Architecture that repairs itself? - test

Rachel Botsman: The case for collaborative consumption - test

Rachel Botsman: The currency of the new economy is trust - test

Rachel Botsman: We've stopped trusting institutions and started trusting strangers - test

Rachel Kleinfeld: A path to security for the world's deadliest countries - test

Rachel Kyte: Sustainable cooling that doesn't warm the planet - test

Rachel Pike: The science behind a climate headline - test

Rachel Sussman: The world's oldest living things - test

Rachel Wurzman: How isolation fuels opioid addiction - test

Rachelle Garniez: "La Vie en Rose" - test

Radhika Nagpal: What intelligent machines can learn from a school of fish - test

Raffaello D'Andrea: Meet the dazzling flying machines of the future - test

Raffaello D'Andrea: The astounding athletic power of quadcopters - test

Raghava KK: My 5 lives as an artist - test

Raghava KK: Shake up your story - test

Raghava KK: What's your 200-year plan? - test

Rahaf Harfoush: How burnout makes us less creative - test

Rahul Mehrotra: The architectural wonder of impermanent cities - test

Rahwa Ghirmatzion and Zelalem Adefris: Community-powered solutions to the climate crisis - test

Rainer Strack: The workforce crisis of 2030 -- and how to start solving it now - test

Rainn Wilson: Ideas worth dating - test

Rainn Wilson: Kung Fu, Star Trek and the many paths to spirituality - test

Raj Jayadev: Community-powered criminal justice reform - test

Raj Panjabi: Community health heroes - test

Raj Panjabi: No one should die because they live too far from a doctor - test

Rajesh Rao: A Rosetta Stone for a lost language - test

Rajiv Maheswaran: The math behind basketball's wildest moves - test

Ralitsa Petrova: Could your brain repair itself? - test

Ralph Chami: What a living whale is worth -- and why the economy should protect nature - test

Ralph Langner: Cracking Stuxnet, a 21st-century cyber weapon - test

Ralph Nader: What it takes to create social change against all odds - test

Ram Neta: How do you know whom to trust? - test

Ramanan Laxminarayan: The coming crisis in antibiotics - test

Ramesh Raskar: Imaging at a trillion frames per second - test

Ramez Naam: A faster way to get to a clean energy future - test

Ramon Glazov: Ancient Rome's most notorious doctor - test

Ramona Pierson: An unexpected place of healing - test

Ramsey Musallam: 3 rules to spark learning - test

Ramón Méndez Galain: This country runs on 98 percent renewable energy - test

Rana Abdelhamid: 3 lessons on starting a movement from a self-defense trailblazer - test

Rana el Kaliouby: This app knows how you feel -- from the look on your face - test

Randall Hayes: At what moment are you dead? - test

Randall Munroe: Comics that ask "what if?" - test

Raphael Arar: How we can teach computers to make sense of our emotions - test

Rasmus Ankersen: How to outthink your competition -- with a lesson from sports - test

Raspyni Brothers: Juggle and jest - test

Raul Midon: "Peace on Earth" - test

Raul Midon: "Tembererana" - test

Ravin Agrawal: 10 young Indian artists to watch - test

Ray Anderson: The business logic of sustainability - test

Ray Dalio: How to build a company where the best ideas win - test

Ray Dalio: What coronavirus means for the global economy - test

Ray Kurzweil: A university for the coming singularity - test

Ray Kurzweil: Get ready for hybrid thinking - test

Ray Kurzweil: The accelerating power of technology - test

Ray Laurence: A glimpse of teenage life in ancient Rome - test

Ray Laurence: Four sisters in Ancient Rome - test

Ray Zahab: My trek to the South Pole - test

Rayma Suprani: Dictators hate political cartoons -- so I keep drawing them - test

Raymond Adkins: How do airplanes actually fly? - test

Raymond Tang: Be humble -- and other lessons from the philosophy of water - test

Raymond Wang: How germs travel on planes -- and how we can stop them - test

Read Montague: What we're learning from 5,000 brains - test

Rebeca Hwang: El valor de nuestra diversidad interna - test

Rebeca Hwang: The power of diversity within yourself - test

Rebecca Brachman: A new class of drug that could prevent depression and PTSD - test

Rebecca Brachman: Could a drug prevent depression and PTSD? - test

Rebecca Collyer: How to supercharge renewables and energize the world - test

Rebecca Darwent: How to fund real change in your community - test

Rebecca Firth: Can we call it a "world map" if it's missing a billion people? - test

Rebecca Galemba: How employers steal from workers -- and get away with it - test

Rebecca Henderson: To save the climate, we have to reimagine capitalism - test

Rebecca J. Barthelmie and Sara C. Pryor: How do wind turbines work? - test

Rebecca Knill: How technology has changed what it's like to be deaf - test

Rebecca L. Walker: How do we determine the value of a life? - test

Rebecca MacKinnon: Let's take back the Internet! - test

Rebecca MacKinnon: We can fight terror without sacrificing our rights - test

Rebecca Onie: What Americans agree on when it comes to health - test

Rebecca Onie: What if our health care system kept us healthy? - test

Rebecca Saxe: How we read each other's minds - test

Rebecca Tarvin: Why don't poisonous animals poison themselves? - test

Rebekah Bergman: First person vs. Second person vs. Third person - test

Rebekah Shirley: The clean energy hub of the future - test

Reed Hastings: How Netflix changed entertainment -- and where it's headed - test

Reed Kroloff: A tour of modern architecture - test

Refik Anadol: Art in the age of machine intelligence - test

Refik Anadol: How AI art could enhance humanity's collective memory - test

Reggie Watts: Beats that defy boxes - test

Regina Dugan: From mach-20 glider to hummingbird drone - test

Regina Hartley: Why the best hire might not have the perfect resume - test

Rei: "my mama" / "BLACK BANANA" - test

Renata Salecl: Our unhealthy obsession with choice - test

Renata di Tullio: Por qué deberíamos comer más bichos - test

Rene Laufer: How far would you have to go to escape gravity? - test

Renee Montgomery: How to turn moments into momentum - test

Reniqua Allen: The story we tell about millennials -- and who we leave out - test

Renny Gleeson: 404, the story of a page not found - test

Renny Gleeson: Our antisocial phone tricks - test

Renzo Piano: The genius behind some of the world's most famous buildings - test

Renzo Vitale: What should electric cars sound like? - test

Renée Hlozek: The death of the universe - test

Renée Lertzman: How to turn climate anxiety into action - test

Reshma Saujani: How to reimagine society for working parents - test

Reshma Saujani: Teach girls bravery, not perfection - test

Resson Kantai Duff: Why Africa needs community-led conservation - test

Reuben Jonathan Miller: How radical hospitality can change the lives of the formerly incarcerated - test

Reuben Margolin: Sculpting waves in wood and time - test

Reynaldo Lopes: The infinite life of pi - test

Rha Goddess and Deepa Purushothaman: 4 ways to redefine power at work to include women of color - test

Rhiannon Giddens: Songs that bring history to life - test

Ric Elias: 3 things I learned while my plane crashed - test

Ricardo Coler: Allá donde las mujeres mandan - test

Ricardo Semler: How to run a company with (almost) no rules - test

Riccardo Sabatini: How to read the genome and build a human being - test

Rich Benjamin: My road trip through the whitest towns in America - test

Richard Baraniuk: The birth of the open-source learning revolution - test

Richard Branson: Life at 30,000 feet - test

Richard Browning: How I built a jet suit - test

Richard Browning: How do jetpacks work? And why don't we all have them? - test

Richard Coffin: How do investors choose stocks? - test

Richard Coffin: What causes an economic recession? - test

Richard Dawkins: Militant atheism - test

Richard Dawkins: Why the universe seems so strange - test

Richard E. Cytowic: What color is Tuesday? Exploring synesthesia - test

Richard E. Cytowic: What percentage of your brain do you use? - test

Richard J. Berry: A practical way to help the homeless find work and safety - test

Richard J. Wood: How do carbohydrates impact your health? - test

Richard Ledgett: The NSA responds to Edward Snowden's TED Talk - test

Richard Preston: The mysterious lives of giant trees - test

Richard Pyle: A dive into the reef's Twilight Zone - test

Richard Reeves: How to solve the education crisis for boys and men - test

Richard Resnick: Welcome to the genomic revolution - test

Richard Sears: Planning for the end of oil - test

Richard Seymour: How beauty feels - test

Richard St. John: 8 secrets of success - test

Richard St. John: Success is a continuous journey - test

Richard Thompson Ford: A tailored history of who wears what -- and why - test

Richard Turere: My invention that made peace with lions - test

Richard Weller: Could the sun be good for your heart? - test

Richard Wilkinson: How economic inequality harms societies - test

Richard Wilkinson: The link between inequality and anxiety - test

Riché D. Richardson: The hidden life of Rosa Parks - test

Rick Doblin: The future of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy - test

Rick Falkvinge: I am a pirate - test

Rick Guidotti: From stigma to supermodel - test

Rick Smolan: The story of a girl - test

Rick Warren: A life of purpose - test

Riitta Ikonen and Karoline Hjorth: Nature, folklore and serendipitous photo collaborations - test

Riley Moynes: How to squeeze all the juice out of retirement - test

Risa Wechsler: The search for dark matter -- and what we've found so far - test

Rishi Manchanda: What makes us get sick? Look upstream - test

Rita Pierson: Every kid needs a champion - test

Rives: A mockingbird remix of TED2006 - test

Rives: A story of mixed emoticons - test

Rives: If I controlled the Internet - test

Rives: Reinventing the encyclopedia game - test

Rives: The 4 a.m. mystery - test

Rives: The Museum of Four in the Morning - test

Rob Cooke: The cost of work stress -- and how to reduce it - test

Rob Cross: How to be a team player -- without burning out - test

Rob Dunbar: Discovering ancient climates in oceans and ice - test

Rob Forbes: Ways of seeing - test

Rob Harmon: How to keep rivers and streams flowing - test

Rob Hopkins: Transition to a world without oil - test

Rob Knight: How our microbes make us who we are - test

Rob Legato: The art of creating awe - test

Rob Reid: How synthetic biology could wipe out humanity -- and how we can stop it - test

Rob Reid: The $8 billion iPod - test

Rob Ulrich: How do oysters make pearls? - test

Robb Willer: How to have better political conversations - test

Robert A. Belle: The emotions behind your money habits - test

Robert Ballard: The astonishing hidden world of the deep ocean - test

Robert Chang: The dark history of the Chinese Exclusion Act - test

Robert Fischell: My wish Three unusual medical inventions - test

Robert Frost: "The Road Not Taken" - test

Robert Full: Learning from the gecko's tail - test

Robert Full: Robots inspired by cockroach ingenuity - test

Robert Full: The secrets of nature's grossest creatures, channeled into robots - test

Robert Full: The sticky wonder of gecko feet - test

Robert Gordon: The death of innovation, the end of growth - test

Robert Gupta: Between music and medicine - test

Robert Gupta: Music is medicine, music is sanity - test

Robert Hakiza: Refugees want empowerment, not handouts - test

Robert Hammond: Building a park in the sky - test

Robert Katzschmann: The future of machines that move like animals - test

Robert Lang: The math and magic of origami - test

Robert Lustig: Sugar Hiding in plain sight - test

Robert Muggah: How to protect fast-growing cities from failing - test

Robert Muggah: The biggest risks facing cities -- and some solutions - test

Robert Neuwirth: The age-old sharing economies of Africa -- and why we should scale them - test

Robert Neuwirth: The hidden world of shadow cities - test

Robert Neuwirth: The power of the informal economy - test

Robert Palmer: The Panama Papers exposed a huge global problem. What's next? - test

Robert Reffkin: 5 ways to create stronger connections - test

Robert Sapolsky: The biology of our best and worst selves - test

Robert Siddall: These squids can fly... no, really - test

Robert Swan: Let's save the last pristine continent - test

Robert Thurman: Expanding your circle of compassion - test

Robert Thurman: We can be Buddhas - test

Robert Waldinger: The secret to a happy life -- lessons from 8 decades of research - test

Robert Waldinger: What makes a good life? Lessons from the longest study on happiness - test

Robert Wright: Progress is not a zero-sum game - test

Robert Wright: The evolution of compassion - test

Roberto D'Angelo + Francesca Fedeli: In our baby's illness, a life lesson - test

Robin Buckley: Why I gave my teenage daughter a vibrator - test

Robin Chase: Excuse me, may I rent your car? - test

Robin Chase: The idea behind Zipcar (and what comes next) - test

Robin Hanson: What would happen if we upload our brains to computers? - test

Robin Hauser: The likability dilemma for women leaders - test

Robin Ince: Science versus wonder? - test

Robin Morgan: 4 powerful poems about Parkinson's and growing older - test

Robin Murphy: These robots come to the rescue after a disaster - test

Robin Nagle: What I discovered in New York City trash - test

Robin Steinberg and Manoush Zomorodi: The US is addicted to incarceration. Here's how to break the cycle - test

Robin Steinberg: What if we ended the injustice of bail? - test

Robyn J. Crook: How do animals experience pain? - test

Robyn Stein DeLuca: The good news about PMS - test

Rocío Lorenzo: How diversity makes teams more innovative - test

Rod Phillips: A brief history of alcohol - test

Rod Phillips: A brief history of divorce - test

Rod Phillips: What happened when the United States tried to ban alcohol - test

Rodin Lyasoff: How autonomous flying taxis could change the way you travel - test

Rodney Brooks: Robots will invade our lives - test

Rodney Brooks: Why we will rely on robots - test

Rodney Mullen: Pop an ollie and innovate! - test

Rodrigo Bijou: Governments don't understand cyber warfare. We need hackers - test

Rodrigo Canales: The deadly genius of drug cartels - test

Rodrigo y Gabriela: An electrifying acoustic guitar performance - test

Roey Tzezana: Could human civilization spread across the whole galaxy? - test

Roger Antonsen: Math is the hidden secret to understanding the world - test

Roger Doiron: My subversive (garden) plot - test

Roger Ebert: Remaking my voice - test

Roger Hanlon: The amazing brains and morphing skin of octopuses and other cephalopods - test

Roger McNamee: 6 ways to save the internet - test

Roger Stein: A bold new way to fund drug research - test

Rogier van der Heide: Why light needs darkness - test

Rohan Pavuluri: An app that empowers people to solve their legal problems - test

Rola Hallam: The doctors, nurses and aid workers rebuilding Syria - test

Rolf Landua: What happened to antimatter? - test

Romain Lacombe: A personal air-quality tracker that lets you know what you're breathing - test

Romaine Seguin: When goods cross borders, armies stay home - test

Roman Krznaric: How to be a good ancestor - test

Roman Mars: Why city flags may be the worst-designed thing you've never noticed - test

Romina Libster: The power of herd immunity - test

Romulus Whitaker: The real danger lurking in the water - test

Ron Eglash: The fractals at the heart of African designs - test

Ron Finley: A guerrilla gardener in South Central LA - test

Ron Gutman: The hidden power of smiling - test

Ron McCallum: How technology allowed me to read - test

Ron Shaneyfelt: Is space trying to kill us? - test

Ronald Rael: An architect's subversive reimagining of the US-Mexico border wall - test

Ronald Sullivan: How I help free innocent people from prison - test

Roni Shanoada: How does heart transplant surgery work? - test

Ronny Edry: Israel and Iran A love story? - test

Rory Bremner: A one-man world summit - test

Rory Stewart: Time to end the war in Afghanistan - test

Rory Stewart: Why democracy matters - test

Rory Sutherland: Life lessons from an ad man - test

Rory Sutherland: Perspective is everything - test

Rory Sutherland: Sweat the small stuff - test

Rosalind G. Brewer: How to foster true diversity and inclusion at work (and in your community) - test

Rosalind Picard: An AI smartwatch that detects seizures - test

Rosamund Adoo-Kissi-Debrah: The tragedy of air pollution -- and an urgent demand for clean air - test

Rosanne Cash: The rhythm and rhyme of memory, solitude and community - test

Rosario Perazolo Masjoan: ¿Cuándo te importa mi silla de ruedas? - test

Rose Eveleth: Cicadas The dormant army beneath your feet - test

Rose Eveleth: How do we smell? - test

Rose Eveleth: The loathsome lethal mosquito - test

Rose Eveleth: The mystery of motion sickness - test

Rose Eveleth: The science of spiciness - test

Rose George: Inside the secret shipping industry - test

Rose George: Let's talk crap. Seriously. - test

Rose Goslinga: Crop insurance, an idea worth seeding - test

Rose M. Mutiso: How to bring affordable, sustainable electricity to Africa - test

Rose M. Mutiso: The energy Africa needs to develop -- and fight climate change - test

Roselinde Torres: What it takes to be a great leader - test

Rosie King: How autism freed me to be myself - test

Ross Lovegrove: Organic design, inspired by nature - test

Roxane Gay: Confessions of a bad feminist - test

Roy Bahat and Bryn Freedman: How do we find dignity at work? - test

Roy Gould + Curtis Wong: A preview of the WorldWide Telescope - test

Roz Savage: Why I'm rowing across the Pacific - test

Ruby Sales: How we can start to heal the pain of racial division - test

Ruby Wax: What's so funny about mental illness? - test

Ruchi Sinha: 3 steps to getting what you want in a negotiation - test

Rufus Griscom + Alisa Volkman: Let's talk parenting taboos - test

Rumaitha Al Busaidi: Women and girls, you are part of the climate solution - test

Rupal Patel: Synthetic voices, as unique as fingerprints - test

Rusha Modi: What causes heartburn? - test

Russ Altman: What really happens when you mix medications? - test

Russell Foster: Why do we sleep? - test

Russell Wilson: My secret to staying focused under pressure - test

Rutger Bregman: Poverty isn't a lack of character; it's a lack of cash - test

Ruth Chang: How to make hard choices - test

Ryah Whalen: 3 ways to make flying more climate-friendly - test

Ryan Gersava: A disability-inclusive future of work - test

Ryan Gravel: How an old loop of railroads is changing the face of a city - test

Ryan Heffington: How dance can unleash your inner joy - test

Ryan Holladay: To hear this music you have to be there. Literally - test

Ryan Lobo: Photographing the hidden story - test

Ryan Martin: Why some anger can be good for you - test

Ryan Martin: Why we get mad -- and why it's healthy - test

Ryan Merkley: Online video -- annotated, remixed and popped - test

Ryan Pfluger: The therapeutic value of photography - test

Ryan Phelan: The intended consequences of helping nature thrive - test

Rébecca Kleinberger: Why you don't like the sound of your own voice - test

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