Roget's Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases

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62. Precedence -- N. precedence; coming before &c v.; the lead, le pas; superiority &c 33; importance &c 642; antecedence, antecedency † ; anteriority &c (front) 234; precursor &c 64; priority &c 116; precession &c 280; anteposition † ; epacme † ; preference.

63. Sequence -- N. sequence, coming after; going after &c (following) 281; consecution, succession; posteriority &c 117.

64. Precursor -- N. precursor, antecedent, precedent, predecessor; forerunner, vancourier † , avant-coureur [Fr.] , pioneer, prodrome † , prodromos † , prodromus † , outrider; leader, bellwether; herald, harbinger; foreboding; dawn; avant-courier, avant-garde, bellmare † , forelooper † , foreloper † , stalking-horse, voorlooper [Afrik.] , voortrekker [Afrik.] .

65. Sequel -- N. sequel, suffix, successor; tail, queue, train, wake, trail, rear; retinue, suite; appendix, postscript; epilogue; peroration; codicil; continuation, sequela † ; appendage; tail piece [Fr.] , heelpiece † ; tag, more last words; colophon.

66. Beginning -- N. beginning, commencement, opening, outset, incipience, inception, inchoation † ; introduction &c (precursor) 64; alpha, initial; inauguration, debut, le premier pas, embarcation [Fr.] , rising of the curtain; maiden speech; outbreak, onset, brunt; initiative, move, first move; narrow end of the wedge, thin end of the wedge; fresh start, new departure.

67. End -- N. end, close, termination; desinence † , conclusion, finis, finale, period, term, terminus, endpoint, last, omega; extreme, extremity; gable end, butt end, fag-end; tip, nib, point; tail &c (rear) 235; verge &c (edge) 231; tag, peroration; bonne bouche [Fr.] ; bottom dollar, tail end, rear guard.

68. Middle -- N. middle, midst, mediety † , mean &c 29; medium, middle term; center &c 222, mid-course &c 628; mezzo termine [It] ; juste milieu &c 628 [Fr.]; halfway house, nave, navel, omphalos † ; nucleus, nucleolus.

69. [Uninterrupted sequence.] Continuity -- N. continuity; consecution, consecutiveness &c adj.; succession, round, suite, progression, series, train chain; catenation, concatenation; scale; gradation, course; ceaselessness, constant flow, unbroken extent.

70. [Interrupted sequence.] Discontinuity -- N. discontinuity; disjunction &c 44; anacoluthon † ; interruption, break, fracture, flaw, fault, crack, cut; gap &c (interval) 198; solution of continuity, caesura; broken thread; parenthesis, episode, rhapsody, patchwork; intermission; alternation &c (periodicity) 138; dropping fire.

71. Term -- N. term, rank, station, stage, step; degree &c 26; scale, remove, grade, link, peg, round of the ladder, status, position, place, point, mark, pas, period, pitch; stand, standing; footing, range.