Roget's Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases

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680. Action -- N. action, performance; doing, &c v.; perpetration; exercise, excitation; movement, operation, evolution, work; labor &c (exertion) 686; praxis, execution; procedure &c (conduct) 692; handicraft; business &c 625; agency &c (power at work) 170.

681. Inaction -- N. inaction, passiveness, abstinence from action; noninterference, nonintervention; Fabian policy, conservative policy; neglect &c 460.

682. Activity -- N. activity; briskness, liveliness &c adj.; animation, life, vivacity, spirit, dash, energy; snap, vim.

683. Inactivity -- N. inactivity; inaction &c 681; inertness &c 172; obstinacy &c 606.

684. Haste -- N. haste, urgency; despatch, dispatch; acceleration, spurt, spirt † , forced march, rush, dash; speed, velocity &c 274; precipitancy, precipitation, precipitousness &c adj.; impetuosity; brusquerie † ; hurry, drive, scramble, bustle, fuss, fidget, flurry, flutter, splutter.

685. Leisure -- N. leisure; convenience; spare time, spare hours, spare moments; vacant hour; time, time to spare, time on one's hands; holiday, relaxation &c (rest) 687; otium cum dignitate [Lat.] [Cicero], ease.

686. Exertion -- N. exertion, effort, strain, tug, pull, stress, throw, stretch, struggle, spell, spurt, spirt † ; stroke of work, stitch of work.

687. Repose -- N. repose, rest, silken repose; sleep &c 683.

688. Fatigue -- N. fatigue; weariness &c 841; yawning, drowsiness &c 683; lassitude, tiredness, fatigation † , exhaustion; sweat; dyspnoea.

689. Refreshment -- N. bracing &c v.; recovery of strength, recuperation &c 159; restoration, revival &c 660; repair, refection, refocillation † , refreshment, regalement † , bait; relief &c 834.

690. Agent -- N. doer, actor, agent, performer, perpetrator, operator; executor, executrix; practitioner, worker, stager.

691. Workshop -- N. workshop, workhouse, workplace, shop, place of business; manufactory, mill, plant, works, factory; cabinet, studio; office, branch office bureau, atelier.

692. Conduct -- N. conduct [actions of an individual agent]; behavior; deportment, comportment; carriage, maintien † , demeanor, guise, bearing, manner, observance.

693. Direction -- N. direction; management, managery † ; government, gubernation † , conduct, legislation, regulation, guidance; bossism [U.S.] ; legislature; steerage, pilotage; reins, reins of government; helm, rudder, needle, compass; guiding star, load star, lode star, pole star; cynosure.

694. Director -- N. director, manager, governor, rector, comptroller.

695. Advice -- N. advice, counsel, adhortation † ; word to the wise; suggestion, submonition † , recommendation, advocacy; advisement.

696. Council -- N. council, committee, subcommittee, comitia [Lat.] , court, chamber, cabinet, board, bench, staff.

697. Precept -- N. precept, direction, instruction, charge; prescript, prescription; recipe, receipt; golden rule; maxim &c 496.

698. Skill -- N. skill, skillfulness, address; dexterity, dexterousness; adroitness, expertness &c adj.; proficiency, competence, technical competence, craft, callidity † , facility, knack, trick, sleight; mastery, mastership, excellence, panurgy † ; ambidexterity, ambidextrousness † ; sleight of hand &c (deception) 545.

699. Unskillfulness -- N. unskillfulness &c adj.; want of skill &c 698; incompetence, incompentency † ; inability, infelicity, indexterity † , inexperience; disqualification, unproficiency † ; quackery.

700. Proficient -- N. proficient, expert, adept, dab; dabster † , crackerjack; connoisseur &c (scholar) 492; master, master hand; prima donna [Sp.] , first fiddle, top gun, chef de cuisine, top sawyer; protagonist; past master; mahatma.

701. Bungler -- N. bungler; blunderer, blunderhead † ; marplot, fumbler, lubber, duffer, dauber, stick; bad hand, poor hand, poor shot; butterfingers † .

702. Cunning -- N. cunning, craft; cunningness † , craftiness &c adj.; subtlety, artificiality; maneuvering &c v.; temporization; circumvention.

703. Artlessness -- N. artlessness &c adj.; nature, simplicity; innocence &c 946; bonhomie, naivete, abandon, candor, sincerity; singleness of purpose, singleness of heart; honesty &c 939; plain speaking; epanchement [Fr.] .