Roget's Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases

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827. Pleasure -- N. pleasure, gratification, enjoyment, fruition; oblectation, delectation, delection † ; relish, zest; gusto &c (physical pleasure) 377; satisfaction &c (content) 831; complacency.

828. Pain -- N. mental suffering, pain, dolor; suffering, sufferance; ache, smart &c (physical pain) 378; passion.

829. [Capability of giving pleasure; cause or source of pleasure.] Pleasurableness -- N. pleasurableness, pleasantness, agreeableness &c adj.; pleasure giving, jucundity † , delectability; amusement &c 840.

830. [Capability of giving pain; cause or source of pain]. Painfulness -- N. painfulness &c adj.; trouble, care &c (pain) 828; trial; affliction, infliction; blow, stroke, burden, load, curse; bitter pill, bitter draught; waters of bitterness.

831. Content -- N. content, contentment, contentedness; complacency, satisfaction, entire satisfaction, ease, heart's ease, peace of mind; serenity &c 826; cheerfulness &c 836; ray of comfort; comfort &c (well-being) 827.

832. Discontent -- N. discontent, discontentment; dissatisfaction; dissent &c 489.

833. Regret -- N. regret, repining; homesickness, nostalgia; mal du pays, maladie [Fr.] ; lamentation &c 839; penitence &c 950.

834. Relief -- N. relief; deliverance; refreshment &c 689; easement, softening, alleviation, mitigation, palliation, soothing, lullaby.

835. Aggravation -- N. aggravation, worsening, heightening; exacerbation; exasperation; overestimation &c 482; exaggeration &c 549.

836. Cheerfulness -- N. cheerfulness &c adj.; geniality, gayety, l'allegro [Fr.] , cheer, good humor, spirits; high spirits, animal spirits, flow of spirits; glee, high glee, light heart; sunshine of the mind, sunshine of the breast; gaiete de coeur [Fr.] , bon naturel [Fr.] .

837. Dejection -- N. dejection; dejectedness &c adj.; depression, prosternation † ; lowness of spirits, depression of spirits; weight on the spirits, oppression on the spirits, damp on the spirits; low spirits, bad spirits, drooping spirits, depressed spirits; heart sinking; heaviness of heart, failure of heart.

838. [Expression of pleasure.] Rejoicing -- N. rejoicing, exultation, triumph, jubilation, heyday, flush, revelling; merrymaking &c (amusement) 840; jubilee &c (celebration) 883; paean, Te Deum &c (thanksgiving) 990 [Lat.]; congratulation &c 896.

839. [Expression of pain.] Lamentation -- N. lament, lamentation; wail, complaint, plaint, murmur, mutter, grumble, groan, moan, whine, whimper, sob, sigh, suspiration, heaving, deep sigh.

840. Amusement -- N. amusement, entertainment, recreation, fun, game, fun and games; diversion, divertissement; reaction, solace; pastime, passetemps [Fr.] , sport; labor of love; pleasure &c 827.

841. Weariness -- N. weariness, defatigation † ; lassitude &c (fatigue) 688; drowsiness &c 683.

842. Wit -- N. wit, humor, wittiness; sense of humor; attic wit, attic salt; atticism † ; salt, esprit, point, fancy, whim, drollery, pleasantry.

843. Dullness -- N. dullness, heaviness, flatness; infestivity † &c 837, stupidity &c 499; want of originality; dearth of ideas.

844. Humorist -- N. humorist, wag, wit, reparteeist † , epigrammatist, punster; bel esprit, life of the party; wit-snapper, wit-cracker, wit-worm; joker, jester, Joe Miller † , drole de corps † , gaillard † , spark; bon diable [Fr.] ; practical joker.