Roget's Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases

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873. Repute -- N. distinction, mark, name, figure; repute, reputation; good repute, high repute; note, notability, notoriety, eclat, the bubble reputation [As You Like It], vogue, celebrity; fame, famousness; renown; popularity, aura popularis [Lat.] ; approbation &c 931; credit, succes d'estime [Fr.] , prestige, talk of the town; name to conjure with.

874. Disrepute -- N. disrepute, discredit; ill repute, bad repute, bad name, bad odor, bad favor, ill name, ill odor, ill favor; disapprobation &c 932; ingloriousness, derogation; abasement, debasement; abjectness &c adj.; degradation, dedecoration † ; a long farewell to all my greatness [Henry VIII]; odium, obloquy, opprobrium, ignominy.

875. Nobility -- N. nobility, rank, condition, distinction, optimacy † , blood, pur sang [Fr.] , birth, high descent, order; quality, gentility; blue blood of Castile; ancien regime [Fr.] .

876. Commonalty -- N. commonalty, democracy; obscurity; low condition, low life, low society, low company; bourgeoisie; mass of the people, mass of society; Brown Jones and Robinson; lower classes, humbler classes, humbler orders; vulgar herd, common herd; rank and file, hoc genus omne [Lat.] ; the many, the general, the crowd, the people, the populace, the multitude, the million, the masses, the mobility, the peasantry; king Mob; proletariat; fruges consumere nati [Lat.] , demos, hoi polloi [Gr.] , great unwashed; man in the street.

877. Title -- N. title, honor; knighthood &c (nobility) 875.

878. Pride -- N. dignity, self-respect, mens sibi conscia recti [Lat.] [Vergil].

879. Humility -- N. humility, humbleness; meekness, lowness; lowliness, lowlihood † ; abasement, self-abasement; submission &c 725; resignation.

880. Vanity -- N. vanity; conceit, conceitedness; self-conceit, self-complacency, self-confidence, self-sufficiency, self-esteem, self-love, self-approbation, self-praise, self-glorification, self-laudation, self-gratulation † , self-applause, self-admiration; amour propre [Fr.] ; selfishness &c 943.

881. Modesty -- N. modesty; humility &c 879; diffidence, timidity; retiring disposition; unobtrusiveness; bashfulness &c adj.; mauvaise honte [Fr.] ; blush, blushing; verecundity † ; self-knowledge.

882. Ostentation -- N. ostentation, display, show, flourish, parade, etalage [Fr.] , pomp, array, state, solemnity; dash, splash, splurge, glitter, strut, pomposity; pretense, pretensions; showing off; fuss.

883. Celebration -- N. celebration, solemnization, jubilee, commemoration, ovation, paean, triumph, jubilation, ceremony (rite) 998; holiday, fiesta, zarabanda † , revelry, feast (amusement) 840; china anniversary, diamond anniversary, golden anniversary, silver anniversary, tin anniversary, china jubilee, diamond jubilee, golden jubilee, silver jubilee, tin jubilee, china wedding, diamond wedding, golden wedding, silver wedding, tin wedding.

884. Boasting -- N. boasting &c v.; boast, vaunt, crake † ; pretense, pretensions; puff, puffery; flourish, fanfaronade † ; gasconade; blague † , bluff, gas [Slang] ; highfalutin, highfaluting † ; hot air, spread-eagleism [U.S.] ; brag, braggardism † ; bravado, bunkum, buncombe; jactitation † , jactancy † ; bounce; venditation † , vaporing, rodomontade, bombast, fine talking, tall talk, magniloquence, teratology † , heroics; Chauvinism; exaggeration &c 549.

885. [Undue assumption of superiority.] Insolence -- N. insolence; haughtiness &c adj.; arrogance, airs; overbearance † ; domineering &c v.; tyranny &c 739.

886. Servility -- N. servility; slavery &c (subjection) 749; obsequiousness &c adj.; subserviency; abasement; prostration, prosternation † ; genuflection &c (worship) 990; fawning &c v.; tuft-hunting, timeserving † , flunkeyism † ; sycophancy &c (flattery) 933; humility &c 879.

887. Blusterer -- N. blusterer, swaggerer, vaporer, roisterer † , brawler; fanfaron † ; braggart &c (boaster) 884; bully, terrorist, rough; bulldozer [U.S.] , hoodlum, hooligan [Slang] , larrikin † , roarer [Slang] ; Mohock, Mohawk; drawcansir † , swashbuckler, Captain Bobadil, Sir Lucius O'Trigger, Thraso, Pistol, Parolles, Bombastes Furioso † , Hector, Chrononhotonthologos † ; jingo; desperado, dare-devil, fire eater; fury, &c (violent person) 173; rowdy; slang-whanger [Slang] , tough [U.S.] .