Roget's Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases

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963. Legality -- N. legality; legitimacy, legitimateness.

964. [Absence or violation of law.] Illegality -- N. lawlessness; illicitness; breach of law, violation of law, infraction of the law; disobedience &c 742; unconformity &c 83.

965. Jurisdiction [Executive.] -- N. jurisdiction, judicature, administration of justice, soc; executive, commission of the peace; magistracy &c (authority) 737.

966. Tribunal -- N. tribunal, court, board, bench, judicatory † ; court of justice, court of law, court of arbitration, administrative court; inquisition; guild.

967. Judge -- N. judge; justice, justiciar † , justiciary † ; chancellor; justice of assize, judge of assize; recorder, common sergeant; puisne judge, assistant judge, county court judge; conservator of the peace, justice of the peace; J.P.; court &c (tribunal) 966; magistrate, police magistrate, beak [Slang] ; his worship, his honor, his lordship.

968. Lawyer -- N. lawyer, attorney, legal counsel; counsel, counsellor, counsellor at law, attorney at law; jurist, legist † , civilian, pundit, publicist, juris consult [Lat.] , legal adviser, advocate; barrister, barrister at law; King's or Queen's counsel; K.C.; Q.C.; silk gown, leader, sergeant-at-law, bencher; tubman † , judge &c 967.

969. Lawsuit -- N. lawsuit, suit, action, cause; litigation; suit in law; dispute &c 713.

970. Acquittal -- N. acquittal, acquitment † ; clearance, exculpation; acquittance, clearance, exoneration; discharge &c (release) 750; quietus, absolution, compurgation † , reprieve, respite; pardon &c (forgiveness) 918.

971. Condemnation -- N. condemnation, conviction, judgment, penalty, sentence; proscription, damnation; death warrant.

972. Punishment -- N. punishment, punition † ; chastisement, chastening; correction, castigation.

973. Reward -- N. reward, recompense, remuneration, meed, guerdon † , reguerdon † ; price.

974. Penalty -- N. penalty; retribution &c (punishment) 972; pain, pains and penalties; weregild † , wergild; peine forte et dure [Fr.] ; penance &c (atonement) 952; the devil to pay.

975. [Instrument of punishment.] Scourge -- N. scourge, rod, cane, stick; ratan † , rattan; birch, birch rod; azote † , blacksnake † , bullwhack [U.S.] , chicote † , kurbash † , quirt, rawhide, sjambok † ; rod in pickle; switch, ferule, cudgel, truncheon.