Roget's Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases

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983. [Religious Knowledge.] Theology -- N. theology (natural and revealed); theogony † , theosophy; divinity; hagiology, hagiography; Caucasian mystery; monotheism; religion; religious persuasion, religious sect, religious denomination; creed &c (belief) 484; article of faith, declaration of faith, profession of faith, confession of faith.

983a. Orthodoxy -- N. orthodoxy; strictness, soundness, religious truth, true faith; truth &c 494; soundness of doctrine.

984. Heterodoxy [Sectarianism.] -- N. heterodoxy; error &c 495; false doctrine, heresy, schism; schismaticism † , schismaticalness; recusancy, backsliding, apostasy; atheism &c (irreligion) 989 [Obs.].

985. Judeo-Christian Revelation -- N. revelation, inspiration, afflatus; theophany † , theopneusty † .

986. Pseudo-Revelation -- N. the Koran, the Alcoran † ; Lyking † , Vedas, Zendavesta, Avesta † , Sastra, Shastra, Tantra † , Upanishads, Purana, Edda; Book of Mormon.