Roget's Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases

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17. Similarity -- N. similarity, resemblance, likeness, similitude, semblance; affinity, approximation, parallelism; agreement &c 23; analogy, analogicalness † ; correspondence, homoiousia † , parity.

18. Dissimilarity -- N. dissimilarity, dissimilaritude † ; unlikeness, diversity, disparity, dissemblance † ; divergence, variation.; difference &c 15; novelty, originality; creativeness; oogamy † .

19. Imitation -- N. imitation; copying &c v.; transcription; repetition, duplication, reduplication; quotation; reproduction; mimeograph, xerox, facsimile; reprint, offprint.

20. Nonimitation -- N. no imitation; originality; creativeness.

20a. Variation -- N. variation; alteration &c (change) 140.

21. [Result of imitation.] Copy -- N. copy, facsimile, counterpart, effigies, effigy, form, likeness.

22. [Thing copied.] Prototype -- N. prototype, original, model, pattern, precedent, standard, ideal, reference, scantling, type; archetype, antitype † ; protoplast, module, exemplar, example, ensample † , paradigm; lay-figure.