Roget's Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases

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620. Intention -- N. intent, intention, intentionality; purpose; quo animo [Lat.] ; project &c 626; undertaking &c 676; predetermination &c 611; design, ambition.

621. [Absence of purpose in the succession of events] Chance -- N. chance &c 156; lot, fate &c (necessity) 601; luck; good luck &c (good) 618; mascot.

622. [Purpose in action.] Pursuit -- N. pursuit; pursuing &c v.; prosecution; pursuance; enterprise &c (undertaking) 676; business &c 625; adventure &c (essay) 675; quest &c (search) 461; scramble, hue and cry, game; hobby; still-hunt.

623. [Absence of pursuit.] Avoidance -- N. abstention, abstinence; for bearance † ; refraining &c v.; inaction &c 681; neutrality.

624. Relinquishment -- N. relinquishment, abandonment; desertion, defection, secession, withdrawal; cave of Adullam † ; nolle prosequi [Lat.] .

625. Business -- N. business, occupation, employment; pursuit &c 622; what one is doing, what one is about; affair, concern, matter, case.

626. Plan -- N. plan, scheme, design, project; proposal, proposition, suggestion; resolution, motion; precaution &c (provision) 673; deep-laid plan &c (premeditated) 611; system &c (order) 58; organization &c (arrangement) 60; germ &c (cause) 153.

627. Method [Path.] -- N. method, way, manner, wise, gait, form, mode, fashion, tone, guise; modus operandi, MO; procedure &c (line of conduct) 692.

628. Mid-course -- N. middle course, midcourse; mean &c 29; middle &c 68; juste milieu [Fr.] , mezzo termine [It] , golden mean, ariston metron [Gr.] , aurea mediocritas [Lat.] .

629. Circuit -- N. circuit, roundabout way, digression, detour, circumbendibus, ambages † , loop; winding &c (circuition) 311 [Obs.]; zigzag &c (deviation) 279.

630. Requirement -- N. requirement, need, wants, necessities; necessaries, necessaries of life; stress, exigency, pinch, sine qua non, matter of necessity; case of need, case of life or death.