Roget's Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases

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820. Affections -- N. affections, affect; character, qualities, disposition, nature, spirit, tone; temper, temperament; diathesis † , idiosyncrasy; cast of mind, cast of soul, habit of mind, habit of soul, frame of mind, frame of soul; predilection, turn, natural turn of mind; bent, bias, predisposition, proneness, proclivity, propensity, propenseness † , propension † , propendency † ; vein, humor, mood, grain, mettle; sympathy &c (love) 897.

821. Feeling -- N. feeling; suffering &c v.; endurance, tolerance, sufferance, supportance † , experience, response; sympathy &c (love) 897; impression, inspiration, affection, sensation, emotion, pathos, deep sense.

822. Sensibility -- N. sensibility, sensibleness, sensitiveness; moral sensibility; impressibility, affectibility † ; susceptibleness, susceptibility, susceptivity † ; mobility; vivacity, vivaciousness; tenderness, softness; sentimental, sentimentality; sentimentalism.

823. Insensibility -- N. insensibility, insensibleness † ; moral insensibility; inertness, inertia; vis inertiae [Lat.] ; impassibility, impassibleness; inappetency † , apathy, phlegm, dullness, hebetude † , supineness, lukewarmness † .

824. Excitation -- N. excitation of feeling; mental excitement; suscitation † , galvanism, stimulation, piquance, piquancy, provocation, inspiration, calling forth, infection; animation, agitation, perturbation; subjugation, fascination, intoxication; enravishment † ; entrancement; pressure, tension, high pressure.

825. [Excess of sensitiveness] Excitability -- N. excitability, impetuosity, vehemence; boisterousness &c adj.; turbulence; impatience, intolerance, nonendurance † ; irritability &c (irascibility) 901; itching &c (desire) 865; wincing; disquiet, disquietude; restlessness; fidgets, fidgetiness; agitation &c (irregular motion) 315.

826. [Absence of excitability, or of excitement.] Inexcitability -- N. inexcitability † , imperturbability, inirritability † ; even temper, tranquil mind, dispassion; tolerance, patience, coolth [Coll.] .